Monday, November 30, 2009

Let's Fight!!!

by SandWyrm

Hey Back40K-ers,

I'm going to be up in Chicago all next week with the family, and Mrs. SandWyrm has promised me a 40K night while we're there. So I figured that I'd head over to the Battle Bunker to meet some new people. I can go either Tuesday (Dec. 2nd) or Wednesday (Dec. 3rd) evening.

Anyone from the Windy City (or thereabouts) want to fight the Tallarn 13th? I'll be bringing the 1750 tourney list I'm currently testing. If you're up for a game, just click on "SandWyrm" over on the right side of the screen and send me an email.


There's been no takers so far, and Mrs. SandWyrm wanted me to pick a day, so I've chosen Wednesday night over at the battle bunker.

Another Update:

Well, I WAS going to Chicago. But my laptop took a hop, skip, and a jump down the stairs today. Which means I can't go traveling and also get my work done until it's fixed. Oh well.

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