Friday, December 18, 2009

I Have The Best Wife In The World!!!

by SandWyrm

Mrs. SandWyrm went down to the FLGS to get me my Christmas present yesterday. I had told her that she could pick between an army carry-case and a copy of Space Hulk for my gift. Well, she didn't didn't buy the game, but she did give it a good look-over. (more...)

So there we are, eating dinner, when she says: "That game looked pretty cool. I wouldn't mind if you got it for me for Christmas."

Blink, blink... "Really?" I said.

I love my wife! :)


  1. Nice
    My wife just smiles and shakes her head at my "dollies"...

    Might I suggest picking her up two gifts this year? Just in case she ends up not liking the game after all.


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