Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When the Blase hits.

by: farmpunk

Ugh. I haven't written anything in a while. You see, It's become very hard for me to be interested in 40K for a while.

I've got the 40K blues....

There are things I SHOULD be excited about. I mean, Grey Knights are still shiny and new. I have Grey Knights. I like Grey Knights. I have some nifty ideas on painting my white knights. I have a Dread to build, and a Land raider to finish building.

I have plenty of WitchHunters stuff I could put together and paint. (like TWO metal exorcists, plus molding the extra armor plates I've been wanting to do.) Sisters are supposedly getting a WD update in August/Sept.
but I don't care. (which is serious coming from me.)

GW's seriously killed my interest.

ok, the FLGS moving the 40K game night takes some wind out of my sails as well. That has more to do with nights of the week and family scheduling. Wednesday night was such a good break in the middle of the week, really. Mondays, they're just.... different.

Fine Cast has done nothing to interest me, and the price increases just discourage and annoy me. I'd love to see my favorite game company take some steps I felt were in the interest of the 'Hobby', and perpetuating their hobby base rather than becoming more controlling and secretive.

I just don't perceive GW as putting a lot of effort into encouraging and attempting to stimulate it's customer base. (except for Investors and shareholders, who are customers of a different sort)
The rumors of 6th ed do pique my interest, but don't get me excited about playing.

40K has gone stale.

I actually got excited about playing Kings of War. It was fun, and kind of refreshing. I might have to get a cheap fantasy army to play KoW more regularly.
I'm intrigued by Warpath, but not sure about it yet. Hopefully it will be decent. Different enough from 40K, and not too close. We'll have to see how Mantic engages it's player base.
Flames of War has caught my attention, and kept me interested. I've been reading a lot of Battle Reports from the guys over at What Would Patton Do? I'm slowly forming some ideas on what I would want to run. (perhaps Armored Infantry, with Priests, and Shermans)

Of course, some of this resurrected interest in WW2 is due to the crack I've been playing in my spare time:


Oh my gosh. Tanks, tanks, tanks. Grinding metal, explosions! Whiskey! (what else should you drink when blowing up tanks?)
I succumbed. Suneokun wrote the article that pushed me to finally investigate the tanks. Oh my gosh do I enjoy it.
It hits my dork button on so many levels. Like a Bacon, Peanut Butter, Bananna, and Chocolate Panini excites the tatebuds. So wrong, and yet so right.

I'm currently playing through the American tank tree. The American tree seems to be a bit more of a generalist tech tree., plus I liked that the American Artillery has some decent rates of fire. Currently I'm running:
M7 Priest (artillery)
M5 Stuart (scout)
M4 Sherman (Medium)
T1 Heavy (Heavy)

I've got to say I enjoy them all a great bit. I suffered through the M3Lee twice to get the Sherman and T1. In the end, I think I learned to be a little better for having used it.
I think the refreshing thing for me is there are 15 min games. They go quickly, and I can do it again, or try a different tank if I'm hitting a wall. I can also pick a tank based on my feelings at the time.
It's very satisfying to get a good team, and execute a game well.

so that's the stuff I've been up to. It's probably time to pick up some specialist games again for while, like Necromunda, or get a better handle on KillZone, and play more games of it. Maybe the summer black box product from GW will me BattleFleet Gothic. That might actually get me excited about GW for a little while.
we'll see.


  1. YES!!!!! Another World of Tanks player!!!

    That game is so addicting. I no money and even less time to play it but when I do I am never let down. Granted, because I have no money means I have to rely on experience to buy better tanks I still enjoy my lowly Russian light tank.

  2. I have to admit that one reason my Guard are gathering dust is due to World of Tanks. My guild is participating in Clan Wars...

    I've got a Hummel, M4 Sherman, M4E8 Sherman, KV2, KV-3, Leopard and a few others. I can't decide if I want to grind to T8 Arty or a T10 IS-7...

  3. DAMN! GAH! Why did I have to read this post ... errr .. back to World of Tanks!! GRR!!

  4. I'm just getting over my MineCraft addiction... well... getting it under control at least. I wish you people would shut up about World of Tanks before I have to go check it out!

    I also like the way you can do the generic Blues Song riff between every sentence or two in the first paragraphs.

  5. Nine authors on this 40k sight and this is todays post?

  6. I have maxed out the American medium tech tree I love the the m4e8 sherman and the Pershing. Watch out for the M41 arty it is nothing like the priest, it hits hard but has a slow rate of fire.

  7. I will get a 40k post up tonite! I promise!

  8. WoT & warhams secret #1.
    1 round of tanks is he same time it takes a coat of paint to dry.
    Jut saying :)
    That's how i was keeping momentum going.

  9. Well a change is as good as a rest as they say. I think all of us lose enthusiasm at one time or another, it's great that there are so many other options out there which let you rekindle it! :)

  10. I want to take a minute to curse you for afflicting me with WoT addiction. I've currently managed to get up to a PzKpfw III Ausf. A.I'm also running a T2 Medium tank that is not as much fun for me as the Tier 3 light tank.

  11. heh. WoT is fun.

    I didn't do anything but american tanks. I will tell you though the M3 Stuart was fun, but the M5 was better, and the M7 is a blast (and can penetrate stuff!)

    The M2 Medium with the 75MM howitzer is god fun too.
    Zoom Zoom! and a Boom Boom!

    I'm currently working through my Easy8, T1 Hvy, and still on the Priest (it takes a LOT of exp to lvl an arty)

  12. I had a good time doing donuts around a T57 until I got pasted by a KV1 I didn't see until too late. 350 HP on a light tank chassis just encourages bad behavior.


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