Friday, June 24, 2011

The New To-Hit Table?

by SandWyrm

As mocked up by The_Farseer MasterSlowPoke on the BoLS Lounge, based on the latest rumor dump.


  1. I have so little desire to use a table like this its staggering...

  2. Personally I think it's deliberate misinformation by GW. I'm sure there is some truth to some of the rumors, such as changing the cover save to a 5+, but I can't believe they'd add this level of unnecessary complexity for no good reason.

    It's poor design!

  3. If it's disinfo from GW, what's the benefit to them? To make 6th look bad/scary? There's no way they would release this many small details for a pre-release test version of the rules. Even if they thought that it was the best game they've ever developed.

    I'm more willing to believe that it's a stunt by Mantic to increase the level of interest in Warpath. But it would be stupid for any company to do that because getting caught would destroy them before they even really got started.

    Is it a fantastically detailed wish-list made by a lonely fan? I don't find that likely. If they went to this much trouble they'd just release a fan-book PDF of their changes.

    Is it Tasty Taste having some fun with us? I wouldn't put it beyond him. But if so, the level of work involved is out of all proportion to it's benefit. He could get enough attention with 1/10th of the work.

  4. Eh, I don't know why people are griping so much. It's not that far off from what we have now, really.

    If you're close (12" or less) or shooting at a moving (no need to keep track of distance like tanks), it's the same as current.

    If it was standing still (take that long fangs!) it's easier to hit them. If they moved, it's harder.

    I could actually see this as GW's response to a game like what Mantic is putting out, with everything so streamlined that, as Steve said, there's no need to put anything down but the squad leader.

    40k may become the complex, beer and wings game, compared to the dirt simple, time-clocked Mantic version.

  5. wow.....all this amazing .....crap! seriously, make it easier. you wonder one of the reasons why evil ted is getting my orks. well there ya go. right there. that pretty much puts it into focus. stupid, stupid, stupid.

  6. If half this shit is true I will just quit 40k.

  7. Uh, I made that. :p Not that it really matters.

    I like the table, and most of these rumors. Too bad they're probably not true.

  8. @MasterSlowPoke,

    Nice table. I also want these rumours to be true but do not expect half of them to make it into the game...

  9. That table looks like a big piece of BS. So a moving skimmer get's more or less auto-hits from bs4 models and the chance to hit it is the same as if it would have stayed stationary? WTF...if that's true GW can really suck my b*lls.

  10. ^^ That is true... if such a chart was put into place Skimmers should be on a different level than normal tanks.


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