Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Make up 40k tournament for June 25th at Games 2 Die 4

by Spaguatyrine

So with the reschedule of the tournament on June 25th, we have a new location...

The owner of G2D4, along with Hive Fleet Indy, have agreed to run a tournament for all of those that had there hearts set on playing June 25th, 2011.  I will run the tournament on short notice and will not be playing, (Unless someone wants a piece of me!!!).  We will obviously not have GW prize support, but will pay out the normal percentage of entry fees.  I will have the max number of players up in a few days, but we would like to invite any who were planning on a tournament to come by the west side.  I need confirmation on who wants to play as soon as possible.  Please call or email me as soon as you know. 

My cell: 317-752-4920
My email:

We will run a similar tournament that Kokomo was running for those that were planning.

Rounds: 3
Time: 2 hour rounds
Missions:  Basic rulebook missions with personal objectives that will be posted this weekend. There will be at least 5 different objective choices.
Entry Fee: $15
Time: Registration starts at 10am with the first game beginning at 11am.
Where: Games2Die4
55 South Raceway Road, Suite 1100, Avon, Indiana 46231
(317) 271 - G2D4 [(317) 271 - 4234]

If you are wanting to come and play and not be paired with someone from your gaming group that information needs to be provided to me when you confirm by email or phone call. This also should be verified by you when you check in on Saturday the 25th.

Again we are doing this to help the gaming community and I want to see some of your ugly faces again this month.  (And want some more cookies!!!!)


  1. any idea how many players you'll be able to accommodate?

  2. We should be able to do a good amount. I will have more details in a few days but I am thinking at least 16.

  3. So I have 5 spots signed up for so far. I am going to be enjoying some cookies!!!!!

  4. Even though I'm sure I could make it, since I wasn't intending on making the original, I don't want to take away from those who were.

    Spag you can have the cookies and eat them too.

  5. the TO doesn't get cookies.

  6. We're pretty certain that all of the Kokomo-area players that signed up won't be coming, so you should go ahead and sign up if you want to come. Don't think it'll be taking a spot away from anyone else.

  7. Yes! Some of them might show up!!! Come on guys!! :)

  8. We are at 9 spots with 7 left! I am waiting for a few responses to fill up this tourney.

  9. any word on final numbers? how about the "more details" you mentioned?

  10. We have 11 right now with 2 saying they will sign up.

    More information?? Well the missions will be as stated above with personal objectives that will be used as tie breakers. Similar to what we did last tournament.

    The 5 personal objectives to choose from that can only be used once is:

    Kill highest point unit. (Random if same cost of 2 units)

    Table Quarters. (Most victory points)

    Scoring Units in Enemies deployment zone. (More than Opponent has in yours)

    Special Supplies objective. (Place Objective in the middle of board and scatter 2d6)

    Eliminate all of your enemies troop choices.


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