Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Very Cool Aircraft Concept

by SandWyrm

Got this from the Conceptships Blog after seeing it elsewhere. Is it practical? Maybe not, but it's 100x cooler than any other Sci-Fi aircraft I've seen. Were I a large multi-national games model company, I'd be very keen on producing kits for something similar to this.

More pics follow...


  1. Yeah, they do look pretty cool. I think they look semi feasible too, which makes them much cooler.

    1. More feasible for a drone though, I think. If the guidance computer takes a hit, there's no way a pilot is going to be able to control that thing.

  2. looks pretty cool.

    I thought the flying Aircraft carrier was pretty cool. and it can launch other model aircraft.

  3. Damn they are cool.

    A lot better then a flying brick and a flying spud


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