Friday, January 9, 2015

9th Edition WHFB Preview

by SandWyrm

The Old World hath been torn asunder by the End Times Apocalypse. All that remains is bubbles of chaos-contaminated reality that collide with one another in the aether of what was. Some of which are groovier than others. :)

(Seriously, this is the strangest video that I've ever seen.)


  1. Sadly, I can't say that I haven't seen that before...

    ...but trust me, once was enough!

  2. If that video had Tentacles, it would be the greatest thing the world has ever known.

  3. I love that they bothered to subtitle a bunch of animal noises :D

  4. I dunno. it's strange, esp for a Chinese Pop song. weird.
    I'm still greatly amused by the Shia LeBoeuf song by Rob Cantor:
    and First Moon Party (which is just funny)

    Neither of these is the strangest video I've seen. I'm gonna really have to think on that. it might still be by the band Foetus.
    it's a way back time machine video.
    Although most Brothers Quay movies were pretty damn weird too:


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