Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Damn You Farmpunk!!!

by SandWyrm

I've finally been assimilated into the digital crack that is World of Tanks. Currently I'm slogging my way up the German tech tree and cursing those Americans for their superior light armor designs.

One day though, I shall have my Panzer IV... and then... my PANTHER!!! MuHAHAHAHAHA!!!


  1. World of tanks is a great game, I've been playing it through its beta testing. Let me tell you now that it is better than it was! though the Germans seem ot have it the toughest when compared with the performance of the soviet and US vehicles!

    Unless you are playing witha premium account you will need to focus what you want to head for.

    Have fun and happy hunting!

  2. lol, are you kidding me? The only tanks that actually give me trouble are German ones - big guns and high front armour are tough to crack open when terrain keeps me from being able to flank easily in my M2 Light Tank.

  3. I told SandWyrm that if he really wants to feel the pain of paper armor and little hitpoints, try the Russian T26, T46, then T-28 tanks leading up to the KV (yes, I'm trying to get a free garage slot)

    those tanks have 20mm armor, but can pack decent guns. I get 1-2 shotted a LOT. The T28 got better with the 57mm Zis4 gun. It's an autocannon!

    I'm still loving my american tanks though. Easy8 and T1 Heavy are fun. The Priest, takes a while to get through, esp. when I've got other tanks to grind.

    The Germans give me problems once they get to Pz4, and I HATE HATE TigerII's (in my E8) Stug's are annoying too.

  4. I just got my Pz III medium. It is a little less nimble than my Pz IIIa light tank but I managed 5 kills in Karellia with it mostly SPGs and a KV1. I think that the better armor helps a lot.

  5. It's a little crazy how many 40K derived names I see on the other players' tanks. :)

  6. Yeah, there are a lot of us hehe.

  7. I actually got the game ready to play but never got around to actually playing it. I just might have to.

  8. M-7 Tank is the best tank in the game for its size, period. Don't beleive the 'lite armor' nay-sayers. Only taht faggoty T-54 non WW2 era junk is better overall. The best dog-fighter agility (Turns inside a Leo or even a Luchs) in the game, good top speed. Use the lower tier british 6 lbr with Shell rammer and a good crew, and you are getting off 33-34 rds a minute of 105 pen/75 damage at view range of 410 (I use vscope for 500 meter view). "Low damage" you say? I knock out tigers with it all the time. My Callsign is Dmitry Lavrinenko (google him)

  9. I loved my M7 a lot. It takes a bit more skill to use than the tanks that can take hits.
    The 6pdr gun was beautiful. I'd run up and hide, then maneuver to get rear shots. I could take down russian heavies with a little work, and could plug away at tigers.

    as long as there's a 'bigger' target, I was good.

    I found I had to try to play the T-28 about the same way as the M7 med. It's probably one I'll go back and pick up again for fun.

  10. The tiger was good after the top engine upgrade (expensive of course)


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