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Necron Vs. Chaos 2000pts

So that Mr. Punk isn't the only one putting content up I agreed to put up a few things as well. Here is my last battle report, sorry no picture or long stories about guys in scarfs. I will try to do better next time. ;)

Yesterday I got the chance to get a way for a couple of hours, heading up to the FLGS I met up with one of the local heavies who wanted to play a 2000 point game. A super nice guy by the name of Tom who had just ordered two Eldar titans and Chaos Warhound. Man those are beautiful models.

Great I had been wanting to play something large for quite a while now. The down side is that all that I had was my Necron resurrection cell list, so for me to make the points I had to play both the Deceiver and the Monolith. In an attempt at not blind siding my opponent I walked him through the nasty tricks that I can pull off with those two models, as well as having him read their respective codex entries. He still wanted to play at the higher point level and fairly certain his army could win.

The game was to be three loot counters on a pitch battle board. He won the roll to place the counters and I won the roll for first turn. I set my on the flanks the side to my right vastly stronger about 75-80% of my army. He predictably set up the majority of his army to my left. I would like to say that I had a nefarious plan for setting my forces up so heavily to one side, but the truth is that my right side was the only one with any decent cover. With out knowing what I was facing I wanted all of the cover that I could get. The left hand flank was the maximum amount that I was willing to throw away encase he brought a lot of high strength shooting.

My heart sank a little when the first things he set down on the table were a defiler followed by two Daemon Princes. The rest of his army consisted of Plague Marines, Berserkers, and a full unit of Possessed. He rolled power weapons for his possessed I rolled a 1 for my grand illusion. He did not seize the initiative so I went ahead with the first turn. I spent the first turn moving my army into better positions with the only shooting coming from the Monoliths particle whip. A good scatter netted me 3 Plague Marines and two Possessed. His turn one everything expect the heavies run forward. The tri-las predator hits the monolith twice but fails to do anything. The defiler's battle cannon fairs better by taking out five warriors only one of which stands back up thanks to the res orb nearby.

Turn two saw me still readjusting my warriors into position along with their pet Tomb Syders. My 'lith netted me three more plague marines and the scarabs immobilize and tore off one of the tanks lascannons, all the while tying up a full squad of 'zerkers. He spends his turn running everything forward while the Nurgel Daemon Prince tries to stun the Monolith with winds of change, but he did not make the four he needed. The squad of Plague marines in the rhino also disgorge and shot two meltas at the floating fortress only shaking the thing. The Battle cannon takes out more warriors on a bad scatter who mange to stay down yet again. It looks like the self repair function hasn't been switched on this game.

Third turn is when we finally got into contact and when stuff started dying in mass. At the top of the turn my last scarab is finally killed freeing up the beserkers to move on his turn. My wraiths and lord wipe out the power weapon possessed in close combat after having being softened up by a rapid firing squad of warriors. Oh I almost forgot pokie the god of slow finally got near the fight, still too far a way to do a damn thing but at least he could support the warriors now. In his turn the zerkers and the remaining plague marines on foot advance towards my lines with their new friend Mr. Greater Daemon while Rhino marines take another shot at the monolith. He manages to stun the lith, which means no mass heavy bolter's for me. Both of his Princes strike home one running into the squad of wraiths with out the lord felling only one due to mediocre rolling on his part. The other Prince hits my large squad of warriors like a brick wall pulling them out of res orb range before wiping the entire squad in one fell swoop.

Turn Four I respond by sending my full accompany of wraiths against the Khorn prince and the golden slow ass against his Nurgel prince. My remaining warriors all fire at targets of opportunity along with the monolith resulting in one dead berserker, it was about time for lady luck to spurn me. The assault phase treated me much better with the wraiths dropping the khornate prince and golden boy taking off two wounds from the other. In his turn not too much happens, the preditor takes a pot shot at the lith and misses, and the battle cannon nets a few more kills while the zerkers get close enough to my warriors that there is no way for me to avoid being charged next turn and loosing the objective that they had planted them selves upon. In assault the remaining PM charge the only thing that they can the “lith with predictable results for units with only one melta bomb. His last prince dies to the golden boy wonder and we move on to turn five.

In this the last turn my warriors on the left flank move out of the tomb spyder's way and rapid fire into the bezerkers dropping three. The other group of warriors held on to their objective but still managed to fire a couple of shots at the Plague Marines dropping one. The Monolith finished off the squad with a direct hit from the particle whip. The wraiths, lord, and “the defiler of monkeys” all gang up on the Greater Daemon dropping it with ease while the tomb spyders assault the 'zerkers and mange to kill off five while only loosing a total of four wounds. At this point my opponent calls the game reasoning that he will not be able to stop my heavy hitters from rolling over the remainder of his army.

In the end it was a bit one sided. After the game my opponent and his friend both of which are real nice guys let me know that his list was geared for marines and that my list was broken, but that was okay because it was all that I had with and had been upfront about it...

Once again it is never the player but always the list, oh well. Morel of the story is that the Golden boy is a beast in hand to hand, I just hope that when they remove him from the next codex I will get something to use the model as in return.

Below are the lists for any one who cares.

My list
HQ: The Deceiver (1#, 300 Pts)
1 The Deceiver
HQ: Lord (1#, 210 Pts)
1 Lord WarScythe; Destroyer Body; Phase Shifter; Resurrection Orb

Troops: Warriors (12#, 216 Pts)
12 Warriors @ 216 Pts
Troops: Warriors (12#, 216 Pts)
12 Warriors @ 216 Pts
Troops: Warriors (14#, 252 Pts)
14 Warriors @ 252 Pts

Fast Attack: Scarab Swarms (10#, 160 Pts)
10 Scarab Swarms @ 160 Pts
Disruption Field
Fast Attack: Wraiths (3#, 123 Pts)
3 Wraiths @ 123 Pts
Fast Attack: Wraiths (3#, 123 Pts)
3 Wraiths @ 123 Pts

Heavy Support: Tomb Spyder (3#, 165 Pts)
3 Tomb Spyder @ 165 Pts
Heavy Support: Monolith (1#, 235 Pts)
1 Monolith @ 235 Pts

Total Roster Cost: 2000

His List, or at least what I remember of it, I am missing about 70 points but I am not sure where they went. Most likely into war gear that I did not see.

HQ: Daemon Prince (1#, 140 Pts)
1 Daemon Prince @ 140 Pts
Close Combat Weapon; Fearless; Wings; Mark of Khorne
HQ: Daemon Prince (1#, 180 Pts)
1 Daemon Prince @ 180
Close Combat Weapon; Fearless; Wings; Mark of Nurgle; Wind of Chaos (x1)
HQ: Summoned Greater Daemon (1#, 100 Pts)
1 Summoned Greater Daemon @ 100 Pts

Elite: Possessed (10#, 300 Pts)
9 Possessed @ 300 Pts
Icon of Khorne
1 Possessed Champion @ [36] Pts

Troops: Khorne Berzerkers (10#, 290 Pts)
9 Khorne Berzerkers @ 290 Pts
Plasma Pistol (x2)
1 Skull Champion @ [71] Pts
Plasma Pistol; Power Weapon
Troops: Plague Marines (11#, 320 Pts)
9 Plague Marines @ 320 Pts
Meltagun (x2)
1 Plague Champion @ [58] Pts
Power Weapon; Melta Bombs
1 Rhino @ [35] Pts
Troops: Plague Marines (10#, 285 Pts)
9 Plague Marines @ 285 Pts
Meltagun (x2)
1 Plague Champion @ [58] Pts
Power Weapon; Melta Bombs

Heavy Support: Defiler (1#, 150 Pts)
1 Defiler @ 150 Pts
Predator (1#, 165 Pts)
1 Predator @ 165 Pts
Twin Linked Lascannon; 2 x Lascannon Sponsons

Total Roster Cost: 1930


  1. yeah, don't mock the molasses man. once he gets there... it's gonna get mean... any day now... I mean it... stop running away and shooting him, face him like the star god he is.

    sounds like it went well for ya.

    His list was tooled out for marines? aren't you a Marine-like army?? wait.. I'm missing something here.
    I still think a decent Marine list would have tabled him as well. Heck, I think maybe a decent Guard gunline could have stopped him in his tracks, and pounded his list.

    It's like I've said before to guys wanting me to add things to my 1500pt list so they can play a 'good' game (high points game). They're going to be sorry. When you want me to make my list bigger, I'm going to make it meaner too.

    *sigh* I still don't believe that playing at higer points shows who's the better general. If you can't handle your army at lower points, you're still not going to handle it real well when there are more tricks up your sleeve.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I think that his army is geared for not-so-spectacular marines. My army is basically slow (int) marines with most units having feel no pain. I don't think that my opponent was prepared for how much synergy is in my list, it was imposable for him to focus on any one unit with out two or three more of my units being able to respond in the next phase.

    Also in the guys defense I don't think that he truly believed me when I told him how rough the C'tan were. He thought that his two princes would be able to roll my star god. In truth had he hit the deceiver with both at the same time it could have been very bad for the star god. And it would probably have been true but his on price was tied up by a unit of wraiths.

    Oh well he was a great guy and even though I didn't win he just lost, the guy was not a jerk about it. A very enjoyable opponent even if the game wasn't the best.



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