Monday, February 16, 2009

Table from Valhalla

Ah ye olde gaming table. I happen to have come into possession of one from an out of business store in Champaign-Urbana. (thanks to Chambers)

It sat in my Garage, awaiting the day I would turn to it and lovingly rebuild it in it's 6ft x 4ft glory, and loft it onto it's sturdy 4x4" legs, with 3" #8 woodscrews to bind it all together.

that day has come.

SandWyrm and I ventured to my Father-in-law's garage to get Ye olde Gaming Table #1. We hauled it back to SandWyrm's house to be put together in his basement. We got it up on legs, and with many woodscrews, it stands on it's own 4 legs once again.

We ventured out to the Local Menards Hardware/do-it-yourself EMPORIUM! to get the pink Foamboard to go into the top. We got one 8'x4'x2" section of the lighter 150weight polystyrene foam, and one 8'x4'x2" section of the 250weight foam. We then cut it down to 1.5" smaller than 6'x4', so it could slide down into the tabletop, and make the playsurface.

The table itself measures 6'x4' from outside edge to outside edge, so the foam to fit down into it has to be a little smaller to slide down into it.

We also got some acrylic spray paint to try priming the foam. Enamel might dissolve the foam, but with the acrylic as a basecoat, it should be fine.

We also picked up some textured flat enamel spray paint, because I didn't want to mess with glue and sand to texture the board. I also don't like how coarse glued sand seems. I wanted a slightly smoother surface.

Basically, we got the table put up, and the foam cut. SandWyrm might work some this week on painting the foam. Then we can work on more terrain.

SandWyrm said he might get ahold of one of his friends who was a model builder for STARSHIP TROOPERS, and ask him for tips. Or cast aside models he might have. In the meantime, SandWyrm got a multispeed Dremel to use. He's heard me gush about how I like to use my dremel... for whatever I can.


  1. Photos! Need photos!

    Hullo, mate - I'm sure you won't mind, but I've popped you onto my blogroll.


    - Drax.

  2. I'll work on getting photos up of the table, and foam. I'll have Gore take pictures of things he does with the foam.

    and thanks for including us on your blogroll!

  3. You might want to test the spray on a scrap piece of the foam. It's not the enamel paint that eats the foam, it's the propellant that makes the paint spray.

    I enjoy seeing a good game table come together. Looking forward to seeing the work in progress.

  4. I passed the info onto Gore. I trust His expertise as a professional artist.


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