Thursday, September 3, 2009

They tease me, and play with my hopes...

apparently GW put out the much anticipated IG FAQ.

It doesn't really answer too many questions that rules guys hadn't kind of already figured out. There is some clarification about orders... IG can only order IG. Apparently the Inquisition don't take orders. which is probably ok. It makes fluff sense.

Then they do against what GW sales had told us in the 'ard Boys tourney. Apparently you can only induct exactly WHAT IS LISTED in the WH or DH codexed. which means no veterans. not yours, inquisition. but you can have all of our upgrade characters! and Every squad in a platoon can now ride in chimera! again... great.
couldn't they have allowed Vets with a chimera to be an 'Armored Fist'? or is that too overpowering? eh it probably wouldn't have sold enough IG in their opinoins. better to make 'em buy 2 platoons, rather than 2 10-man squads and a pair of chimera.

but they let =I= have either Scout or Armored Sentinels?!?

oh, and the new Russ variants? not yours either. =I= can have 1 Leman Russ Battle tank. eh. 1 is all I used anyways.

I really prefer the 'ard Boys interpretation. It was more forgiving with the Vets and Russes, but you didn't get the special characters. It was just what I had wanted for once. actually, I'd be fine with the current GW FAQ ruling if they did 1 thing...

give =I= access to vets, and take away Special Characters.


  1. I agree about the veteran imperial guard in DH/WH. Seemed like an odd ruling. Overall, I still thought the IG FAQ was pretty good and useful.

  2. Actually the exclusion of veterans makes sense to me, at least from rules perspectives. Granted they weren't troops before, but vets were in the old IGuard codex and weren't allowed as acceptable inductees, so why should that change now? And the sentinel clarification was necessary, as there is no longer just a sentinel- it's Scout or Armored Sentinels now.

    Leman Russ, on the other hand, makes much less sense. Maybe the IGuard commanders don't like the Inquisition very much and only send their disposable troops to deal with the problem?

  3. From the standpoint of having to fight Farmpunk, I'm relieved (See the next Battle Report.). But it really does put the screws to him.

    Farmpunk can either drop the Vets and sacrifice some short-range AT ability in order to keep his Exorcists, or... he can dump the Exorcists and go all-guard with inducted sisters to get all the new IG toys.

    I'm betting he'll go pure WH.

  4. ahh. I was going to go with mixed allies.

    I suppose the GW rules guys went with a more strict interpretation of the rules allowances. I shouldn't be suprised. I had been HOPING that vets with chimeras would be the replacement for Armored Fists, or that if you took a platoon with 2 transports, those would count for 2 armored fists.

    not the "you can only get platoons to unlock 2nd tier induction units, but hey, you can buy chimera for each squad!"

    but hey, I can access special character voodoo now, and all the fun Chenkov and Al-raheem can bring to the party.


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