Friday, September 25, 2009

Town Hall Time: What Do You Think?

Hey all B40K readers!

It's sound-off time. What do you like about the Back 40K? What don't you like?

Be honest, we've got thick skins! :)

Too much/too little theory, painting, or batreps? Not enough of something else? Or is everything just fine?

Your feedback will help us spend more of our time on the sorts of things you like to read about and less on the stuff you don't.


  1. Personally I think you are doing just fine. This was one of the first sites I came to after discovering FTW and I keep coming back for the batreps and theoryhammer.
    From what I understand of your army you are pretty much done building/painting but the sections that you did cover were informative and well documented. So if you are still working on painting projects I would be more than happy to see them but as is just keep up your regular updates from the FLGS and IG/=I= articles and you will continue to have a regular viewer

  2. I really like the blog, but the yellow background is a little much for the old peepers. Keep up the good work.

  3. I wasn't sure about the background either, but if you're going for the Tallarn look, this about covers it.

    Content wise, you're doing good!


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