Monday, September 28, 2009

Wait... New Desert Raiders? With Flamers?!?!

I swiped this photo from the BoLS story about the UK Games Day. While everyone there is going gaga over the new Ultramarines movie, I'm just jazzed that after more than a decade my Tallarn will finally be getting... (sniff) an honest to goodness flamer model!

Maybe we'll even get them in plastic, though these don't look multi-part to me.


  1. Apparently these are just test sculpts that new artists in the company had to do. Supposedly they won't be produced.

  2. Sure, just flame Sandwyrm's hopes and dreams...

  3. ahh you beat me to posting them. I was drooling a bit myself. I so hope GW does alternate IG sculpts in plastics.

  4. It's been rumored that GW has been working on converting the old metal lines to plastic, I personally never believed it. But...

    Let's say Bryan is wrong. If GW did want to release new models for those old lines, it would make a lot of sense for them to not make them multi-pose like the Cadian or Catachan multi-part sets. The costs of design and production would simply be too high for the expected return.

    But, if they were each done as one or two sprues similar to the 2-part (front/back), 5-man Cadian box it would be doable. Costs would be very low, and they could then expect to sell enough to make some money off of the venture. You would buy maybe one box that came with 5 normal troopers, 4 special weapons, and a sergeant model for $15 or so. I know I'd buy 10. :)

    But Bryan probably isn't wrong.


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