Thursday, January 28, 2010

The North Store Is Dead. Long Live The North Store!

by SandWyrm

In case you haven't heard, the Game Preserve in the Fashion Mall has closed. The store will re-open across the street from the Fashion Mall's east entrance, a few doors down from Kohls. Next to the big Ulta cosmetics store. (more...)

I went by tonight to check it out. The guys were nice enough let me in to look around and take a few pics for the blog while they worked on getting everything ready. The place is much bigger than the old tiny shop.

This is the main room...

...And this is the back room where the gaming will be held. Gibbs said that they have a couple of full size tables on the way from Bloomington. So they'll be ready to hold games by next Wednesday (Feb. 4th). The store itself will probably open on Monday or Tuesday.

I'm really looking forward to when they've finally got everything done. The GP North has always been our favorite store. It's close to both Farmpunk and me, and we really like Gibbs and the rest of the staff. But the old space was always very limiting because they could only fit 2 full size tables between the shelves in the main room. If they used 4x4 tables, then you could only fit 8 players. With constant interruptions as customers squeezed around you. This new space looks like it could fit six 4x6 tables pretty comfortably. With some extra tables up front, they could probably even run a small tourney.

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  1. Yeah, I first heard about this when I dropped by to pick up the new Tyranid book after visiting a friend at work. Glad to know that this place is much bigger with plenty of gaming room.


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