Monday, May 6, 2013

Staples Is Now Selling 3D Printers

by SandWyrm

Slashgear is reporting that Staples is now selling Cube 3D printers via their online store. Complete with all the consumables required.

There's also a linked story about Staples rolling out a 3D printing service this year.

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  1. Too bad it's the cube. It's the worst of all of them.

  2. While I know this post is aimed at mini game manufacturers, these things are a whole new can of worms unto themselves. I saw this on yahoo's news this morning:

    Suddenly the potential demise of GW, Privateer, Battlefront, etc., seems a bit trivial by comparison to what else can be made with a 3d printer.

    1. That's more attention-whore hype than reality. Let's see him actually fire it, instead of faking it by twitching his arms to a sound effect. The thing looks like a cartoon pistol, not a real weapon.

      Anyone that thinks 3D-printed plastic can be used to make a barrel/receiver that could fire even a single shot without exploding dangerously in the person's hand, needs their heads examined. There isn't even an injection-molded plastic that could hold up to the forces involved. Else the plastic Glock (remember those scare stories from the 80's when it came out?) wouldn't have had a metal barrel/reciever inside of it.

      But the media latches onto the idea, because to the stupid it's scary. While the politicians can spin it to suit their agendas. Don't buy the hype.

  3. I can definitely see this used for bits. You most likely will still need to do some hobby work to make it look as good as a GW produced item though. So the people who take care in how their army works will use it in their arsenal, while the people who want cheap armies to play with will swap grey plastic blobs for white non-descript blocks.

    1. No, the un-caring will simply print the model in full color. It'll look a little tupperware-y, but you'll only have to paint a model if you want to.

  4. Just think where this technology will be in five years.

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