Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tippcon coming up soon...Can I change my mind..?????

By Spaguatyrine

So Spaguatyrine here to try and get some approval from you bloggers to change my mind on my list for Tippcon.  I said I wouldn't play necrons or grey knights both of which I have done very well with at Adepticon, Nova, etc. 


I would like to play test a list a think I want might want to take to Nova for the invitational of which will be my third year playing in.  As the guy that runs it asked me if I was going to make it back to   glory...  I am looking at playing something with my Necrons that I have never done before or even seen on a table..... 

Orks!!  yes I am considering looking at Orks. 

Also with my new job I don't have as much time to travel to many bigger events to get a better testing to properly get "Nova ready" and represent Indiana and the midwest superbly. 

Your thoughts and reaction are anxiously awaited....?  

Don't        me too much please....

What do you think. The vote is up to you.... I will keep a tally.


  1. What's wrong with Orks? Locally at least they are doing pretty well... And they are something a lot of folks just don't play against regularly...

  2. Nothing is wrong with orks. I have never seen anyone play them with necrons. I'm sure its been done but I just haven't seen it. That being said I am looking for some feed back on playing my necrons even though I told the community I wasn't. Lol. :-)

  3. +1 for the Green Tide.

    Actually, come to think of it, my son's Dreadknight model is stepping on an orc, so that would work out well :-)

  4. At the most recent GT in my area, Orks and Crons walked away with all the awards!

  5. orks and necrons aren't a bad combo, necrons bring to the table longer range and higher quality shooting to an otherwise short ranged anti-infantry army. Orks bring close combat to an otherwise sub-par cc army.

    Great pairing from a competitive standpoint and both are about as likely to run away from things. So at least morale is not something to worry too much about.

  6. Orks were my primary army (now its Traitor Guard + Great Unclean ones)Ork battlewagons are dirt cheap and spamable, provided you cover their sides. We do lose a lot of ground to the Tau now, what with stuff like Ions with marker lights getting high str no cover large blasts. With the loss of closest models first, footslogging loses distance with every model lost and a big green tide takes to long to move in a limited time frame most tourneys have. Taking Ghaz with Snkrot is still a good laugh though, coming in on any table edge even if you can't assault from reserve. He can call his Waaagh at anytime (after you find out how many wounds those AP 2 weapons inflicted, for example)and get the 2++, and the after-1st turn requirment is already over since he was in reserves. To be honest, i use Grotsnik that way more than Ghaz, since i can give the kommandos Cybork and FNP as well as make em fearless). Since you know the game well, take a look at multiple small-squad uses of Stormboyz. You can get a few str 9 on the charge powerklaws with a tiny footprint in their back filed, and with the extra 1d6 for ork rocket packs, on an average roll for the pack and assault, you can fairly reliably assault 22-23". Everyone loves them lootas, but if you run an Aegis, go 10 or less, since they can't go to ground if they have 11+ orks for fearless.


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