Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gencon 2013 is approaching!

by: farmpunk

Gencon is coming again!

here thar be gamers

Once again, Indianapolis will be invaded by hordes of dice-bag and rulebook toting folks.

I shall be one amongst the horde again. With such a large event in my own backyard (like 10 blocks from where I work), how can I resist? (I could, my saves vs. spending money are pretty good)

I'm of course going as a GM. I'll be running Flames of War stuff again this year with Able Kompanie.

We're presenting two scenarios this year:
Stalingrad (and it's massive 8ft city table of DOOM!)
Vietnam (Run through the jungle)

I'll be running Stalingrad for both slots Saturday. I think there might even be a few slots open for it. It's a mid-war Soviet vs. German mostly infantry slugfest. We include more objectives, and it's mostly for people wanting to learn FoW. Just stay out of the buildings if a Bunker Buster is around...

I helped play the Vietnam scenario this past Sunday with a few of the other guys who will be running it. Troy does a quick recap over on his blog: Dice and Flames
The scenario can get pretty rough for the US, with them having to defend the LZ against the oncoming People's Army of Vietnam forces breathing down their necks. If the Airmobile infantry can hold out until the Armored Cav and heavy tanks make it, they're good to go... but it's a rough road to get there.

In addition to the Two scenarios, Able Kompanie is running three tournaments:
Early War 1000pt (on a 4'x4' board)

Mid War 1485pts (2014 nationals point lvl)

Late War 1725pts (2014 nationals point lvl)

It looks like there will be three groups running 40K and Fantasy games this year. 7 40K events, 1 Fantasy, and an Apoc game. Last year there was only the Apocalypse game...

GW booth at Gencon 2012
We'll also see if GW labels their booth this year. I found it difficult to find their booth last year, as is was pretty much a pile of cardboard boxes and cash registers. Unless you knew it was there, and were looking just for the GW booth, you probably would have missed it.

so if any of you are going to Gencon, stop by the Able Kompanie FoW events in the miniatures hall and say 'hi'.
I'll be hanging out there.
farmpunk and Theneverthere
oh yeah, TheNeverthere, e-mail me if you want a ride. I'll be there ALL DAY Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

oh yeah, I almost forgot: IUPUI (that place I work) will have a group at Gencon also:
the Dept. of Informatics

I might have to take a few Grad classes from the Gaming informatics guys, since I am considering Bioinformatics (I want a job if I get the degree).


  1. I'm going for the first time this year. we'll see how it goes!

  2. I don't think they do much in the way of 40k at GenCon. I could be wrong.

  3. 4 'Introduction to 40K' events 3hrs 12players
    2 'Bug hunt in the Shipping Yard' events 4hrs 12players
    1 'To the Defense of Cadia' event 8hrs 10 players
    1 Apocalypse event 10hrs 20players (0sold)

    each is a different club doing it. Materials provided for all of these events.

    The last few years there has been almost no 40k, with the exception of the Apocalypse group.

    1. The Screaming Heretics will be there as well. Drop us a line if you want to hook up for a drink. Joe AT screamingheretic DOT COM

  4. That's neat to see 40k growing at Gencon..... lol....wait for it. ..

    1. I dunno. even with the uptick of 40K events at Gencon, it's still a drop in the bucket compared to 40K's competition.
      Dust has tournaments, Malifaux has tournaments, Warmanhordes has tournaments, Flames of War has tournaments, Star Wars minis has tournaments
      All of them have events besides having tourneys. That's just getting started.

      GW tends to dominate at their events, not so much at events they're not throwing. (which is probably why they pulled out)

    2. It's hard not to grow at Gencon when you were at zero to start with.

    3. Yeah but 700%? That's pretty impressive!

    4. It's a positive development for 40K, but don't get carried away.

    5. It's nice that the fans are growing GW's presence there, but this is Gencon. You're going to find more events with some guys home-brewed rules for the Crimean War than 40K right now unless things get picked up a notch.

      Though, I've heard it's tough to secure space for large miniature tournaments at GenCon. Privateer with their huge presence has even had trouble securing enough table space and they need 2/3 the space for games. There's lots of restrictions about where you can get the tables from, getting access to the convention center's loading docs, and all sorts of other headaches. Unless you are a major vendor and can eat the cost, it's hard to run a major space intensive tournament at Gencon.

      So I don't think we'll see a significant GW presence at Gencon unless GW is the one doing it.

      Here's a thought. Maybe GW can cede all US distribution and marketing to Fantasy Flight. We'd see some 40K and Fantasy presence at Gencon.

    6. I've heard the large tracts of contiguous land are difficult to come by at Gencon, mainly because there are a lot of game companies that want to have large presences. A lot of companies do it.

      Able Kompanie has around 16 tables, I think. We're binging in stuff, and getting tables donated by Battlefront this year, I heard.

      I don't think GW will make a corporate presence at any Independent Cons. They'd have to compete for attention with the plethora of other companies there. It's much easier to have their own Game day, and sell to their own audience of fans.

      If FF wanted to do minis, they wouldn't have sold DUST to Battlefront. BF's going to have a DUST tourney at Gencon this year. I have no idea who's involved.

      besides, giving anyone distribution would cut into GW's dwindling profit margins. ooh maybe they'll make more finecast to cut their production margins more.

    7. Yeah, distribution is one of the few ways that GW can maintain any profit at all.

  5. Remember to stop by the Dream Pod 9 booth to check out the latest edition of Heavy Gear Blitz!

    1. Will do. I've got 4 days to wander around and see everything. :)

  6. Why do people keep on assuming that we are in a golden age for 40K and fantasy? this is not what a golden age looks liek. so many peole rage quit after those two editions came out because the game sucks so much.

    people need to wake up. no new poeple in the game, all the veterans are raging and leaving and GW is blowing up everygthing with their stupid fliers and robots nonsense.

    not good, my bro's

  7. I keep laughing, less than a few hours.

  8. Lots of fliers and stupid robots all over the place are no laughing matter.

  9. Bioinformatics? Why not just do statistics? Every bioinformatics program I looked at focused on EMRs, with a couple notable exceptions like U of M. It just seems so limited in scope.

  10. Why is it so hard for people to understand that GW is sinking and that people are making that happen partly through their own actins

    I dont get it dudes

  11. it is always the right time to talk about GW and how competetiv epeople are detoying the hobby

    you how many competetive gamers it takes to screw in a lightbulb? one to check line of sight to deny cover to the person screwing it in, one to badger the person screwing it about how to screw it in and one more to screw it in but then get mad when they are done and flip the ladder on the ground !!! :-P

    1. Really? Back to this again?

    2. Some complainers just can't stay away. .

    3. You autocrats may silence the messenger, but no matter what you do, you cannot silence the message! The message is immortal!

      you all bear blame for helping to destroy the hobby. why do you stubbornly refuse to admit any guilt? oh of course, you are all angels and are not guilty of anything.

    4. Sandywrm you owe an apology for being rude to me. I would like to have that apology now.

    5. ok Mr Anonymous (or Colm), calm down or I will need to ban you from here as well. I don't like to delete, and you'd be the first person to be banned. You are Warned.

    6. Hi Colm! Such a wonderful day today, isn't it?

    7. This guy is your friend? Lol!

    8. (sigh...) Over your head I guess.

    9. I was joking. .. guess it was over your head. ;-)

    10. Hello. I am perfectly calm. You lot are the ones acting irrational. You lot are the ones starting to verge on being disrespectful.

      My name is not "colm", whoever that is, and sharing person information on a public place is not your right and infringes on my right to privacy.

      But an autocrat like you would not care about that.

      I am perfectly calm, reasonable and speaking clearly. If you ban me then it will be on your head and you will be the irrational and rude person, acting like a typical fascist who cannot stand to hear a message he does not like to hear.

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. I would love to get a game with you 23numberguy. I would of course play competitively to absolutely crush you for being so annoying but it would be FUN!

      For ME. :-D

    13. Hey Colm,

      Did you know my dog had a birthday yesterday? We got her a big dog-cookie and after eating it, she threw up on the carpet.

      Have a wonderful day!

    14. @Spag

      Ever seen the Dark Crystal? He might be the Mystic to your Skeksis. :)

    15. Spag,

      You can keep your little toy soldiers to yourself. I no longer involve myself in such a capitalist, even openly bourgois obsession. I prefer to use my money for useful things, such as basic needs or scholarly books. Besides, your idea of boosting up your ego by playing a game with little toy soldiers is hardly my idea of fun. More like boring and lame. Is your ego that damaged that you need to "win" games of little toy men in order to feel better about yourself??


      Well that is truly wonderful news. Thank you for sharing it. Hey, maybe you should share far more of that news. Your site can be known as the site where people go to read up on minor and often disgusting events in Sandyrm's life.

      To all,

      I know you are deeply afraid of my insights into the hobby, which is why you are running screaming from any of that discussion. That is rather funny actually. I guess you guys cannot handle the truth.

    16. I've seen no 'insight' that Sandwyrm and I haven't discused, and caught flak for here in previous posts.

      the possibility of GW slowly sinking? yep covered that.
      golden age of 40K? I'm pretty sure Sandwyrm and I agree it was a few years ago. Spag's probably pretty sure the golden age is now, and GW is doing AWESOME!
      Competitive players ruining the hobby? We've talked about that. it's a red herring. it's the wining of people who won't learn to use strategy better, and a symptom of a poor game system.

      those are the only 'discussion' topics I've seen you present, couched in "V for Vendetta" and "Anonymous" (the hacker group) sloganology. I'm not impressed. If you really want to discuss something, and it's discussionworthy, I will gladly make a post, Mr Anonymous Troll.

    17. 23numberguy,

      My ego just wants to see you face to face instead of hiding behind a computer screen but that will never happen cowards never truly show themselves.

    18. @Colm

      Well, you decided to come throw up on our blog. So I thought you would enjoy the story. Cookie-vomit is wonderfully multicolored.

      Trying to discuss anything rationally with you has failed (see YTTH), as anyone who is not you is evidently presumed to be 'wrong' and incapable of seeing your own special version of the truth. Which includes expectations of respect that you yourself refuse to show others. If we were to meet on the street, you'd be holding a large sign saying "REPENT" and yelling at everyone who passes that the end of the world is nigh, and it's all our fault.

      I've dealt with your type before, with people far more important to me than you. So I know that once rationality has been rejected, there is simply no point in trying to convince you of anything. That part of your brain is off-line, and all you can do is point a finger while hurling insults.

      So have a nice day Colm. Go find a kitten to pet, or something really good to eat. You'll feel much better.

    19. Hey 231905fa-0039-11e3-86ce-000bcdcb5194,

      I'm not afraid to speak my mind just like you so here's me being perfectly honest:

      Fuck You. No one cares. Go back to the hole where there's a mirror on opposite walls where you can pretend that limitless people give a flying fuck about your inane dribble.

      What I find most amusing is you saying all the veterans that are notplaying the current edition of 40k or WHFB have just up and left completely, I guess you haven't seen the rise in popularity of the Oldhammer movement and many veterans taking up 3rd edition WHFB either again or for the first time, 3rd edition considered by many veterans of all editions as the best edition of WHFB but that's okay, your magical rock of righteousness makes you blind to such obvious things or maybe it's because your too stupid to actually do anything other then rant and rave about how a company which everyone has been ranting and raving about going under for well over a decade keeps on keeping on. LETS SPELL SOMETHING OUT TO YOU:


      There's a steady influx of people who come in, buy a few armies then piss right off again but that's always been the case and guess what, GW keeps on keeping on because again, they don't care at the end of the day. They have your monies, sucks to be you.

    20. P.S. Also, I'm not afraid to let people know who I am, if they have a problem I'm man enough to yell at them face to face instead of hiding behind some pussy ass pansy anon name like 231905fa-0039-11e3-86ce-000bcdcb5194. Also, I don't go off on a rant about how sharing information about identity on the internet is a breach of privacy laws and blah blah blah. All my /b/ros here are laughing at your naive and all too innocent sensibilities. You poor sap.

      Man the fuck up, and tell us that it's all our fault and swear and abuse us even because you know teh internetz but if you're gonna do it pull that dick out of the arsehole that is your face and do it under an actual name. What's that? You're afraid that if people know who you are they'll come and smash your face in irl? No? Then you have no reason to be afraid.

      @Spag's - *Waves!*

      @Sandwyrm - what is your dog's name? How old was your dog? And what made your dogs vomit so intriguing you had to tell people about it? Was it the texture, a spew worthy of artistic renown or was it all about the way your dog laughed at you as you cleaned it up?

    21. @ Taak

      *slow clap*

      well played sir. you speak truths. Like Dirty John has said over on WWPD: 'GW has been "dying" according to various people for a long time now. Especially when GW went public. It's been a long time now.

    22. Farmpunk,

      I would like to discuss the matter. Why?? Because you guys have not considered several key points that I have to say.

      So yes, I would like to discuss it.

    23. To Spag,

      Why do you appear to be a bully? What is worse, you appear to be an internet bully. Please do not call me a coward, I am not a coward for speaking online and I am not a coward for speaking a line of dissent online.

    24. To Sandywrm,

      Hey man I am not "throwing up" on your blog. That is your opinion of my thoughts, not the reality of my thoughts. The two are different and just because you choose not to separate the two does not mean that is the real situation. You just are trying to be insulting and failing at doing so.

      I am not this "Colmm" person, so you should stop referring to discussions with this person.....if that is what you are talking about. Also, I am now stating that I demand that you respect my right to privacy.

      I actually had a great day today and was feeling particular excited about getting to get you people to use reason and have a civilized conversation, which I know goes against your natural instincts.

    25. Lastly to Taak,

      You said "Fuck you" to me. I say, you are acting like a redneck and you are a shameful human being. You just prove my point: you people act like gang members and attack any dissenters, as a gang, in a most cowardly and conformist fashion. Shame on all of you!

      Of course GW does not care about its veterans. Of course. It does suck to be you, of that I am sure. You actually take this miniature wargaming business seriously, which is very sad.

      I want you to apologize to me for swearing at me.

    26. To finish off,

      You surely are not a man. You are a man-child! You are immature, sexist, misogynist and in general a disgusting human being. It is people like you that are the reason that wars happen. You are shameful and bring dishonour upon you and your entire community by way of association.

      Stop using misogynist terms like "man the fuck up". They are almost as disgusting as your personality. Learn to speak like a civilized person, please.I do not want my personal information being passed around because it is personal. I have a right to privacy, just like all other citizens of any republic. Such laws are the basis on which society functions.

      Without them, it would be a strong vs weak, brutish thug takes all the one where people such as you wish they could live. In other words, like a Nazi society but far worse. People like you fit right in to that sort of place. People like you are the reason people like me prefer to know a martial art.

      Lastly, to Farmpunk again. For you to applaud this dirtbag means you must also be a very lousy person too. Shame on all of you!

    27. @Colm

    28. Ban him!

      Longtime no time Taak. Good to hear from you. Will have to catch up.

    29. You autocratic people always want to stop other people from saying what you do not want to hear.

      You are sore losers. You cannot stand losing an arguement, so you say to ban me.

      You are a bunch of little fascists. I am predicting that you will:
      1) place all my posts for "moderation"and then never approve them
      2) ban me
      3) swear and curse at me and then ban me
      4) make up some nonsense excuse and then ban me

    30. nope, waiting for you to take off your hood and sheet of 'intarwebz right to privacy', finally regale us with of your earth-shattering truth bombs that are going to open all of our eyes and enlighten us.

      Otherwise, please stop coming onto my playground and acting like the King of Spain.

      come on, Anonymous boy.

    31. One of my main arguements is that the entire community is at fault for helping to destroy the hobby. The main way they are doing this is by wrecking indepedent retailers.

      The second main arguement is that competetive people, not "fanboys", "WAAC people" (whatever the heck that means) are responsible. People like you guys are the main reason that stores fail.

      The third main arguement is that these warhammer blogs help to promote selfish, rude and lousy attitudes among new and regular players, thus helping to keep the community as bad as possible.

      Those are my three main arguements in addition to the periphery arguements.

    32. @ Ooob (and I use this title only because it's the first continuous strain of letters that makes a semi-sensible sound... if you would prefer a different handle, please let me know)

      When you say "entire community", do you mean the entire 40k playing community? The community on this blog? On blogs in general? Defining the community you speak of would help me to better understand your argument. Further, in what way is this community wrecking independent retailers? I take it you are referring to independent brick-and-mortar stores? I know a number of people on this blog either still do, or used to, put a fair amount of money and support into the FLGS. Given that said stores can not operate with no income, I would have listed this as a good thing myself.

      WAAC is an acronym standing for "Win At All Costs"... while this can mean different things to different people, to me it is representative of a person who ignores other facets of the game (social, sportsmanship, etc) in order to do nothing but win, and often win by a hard crushing of the opponent. The type of person who would rather have a flawless victory against a new player than to have an evenly matched, well fought, well played game against a similarly skilled opponent. A person who's only goal is to win the game, not to have an enjoyable (and likewise provide an enjoyable) experience.
      However, I again do not understand how by simply being competitive, a person is causing a store to fail? If you could please go into more detail on your views. While I do not support WAAC behavior, most games do have a victor, and the desire to be said victor is not, I believe, a bad thing. Competitive players do bring a number of things to light, in terms of list building, how units interact, etc. If I were to ever design a game, I would want to hand the rules over to the more hardcore, most competitive players I know, and ask them to break the system, find the best possible combos, the cheesiest things there, and then I can take a look and further balance the system. It's a different way of looking at the rules, and can be put to very good use. I simply don't understand, however, how having a competitive nature and wanting to be good at something causes a store to fail, simply by having that person in proximity.

      As far as blogs promoting bad attitudes... I think that depends. There are blogs that I do not visit, because I do not care for the attitudes. To say that every blog in existence has these same problems, however, I think is silly. Surely not every blog on the internet is saying the same thing over and over? I don't even agree with every post that comes onto this blog, but at the same time I'm able to have an actual discussion about it and expand on said views. There are quite a few posts that came from this blog that are, in fact, positive in nature, and if you're interested I would be happy to direct you to some that I have found insightful or at the very least fun to read.

    33. @Colm

      Ah, now that you've come around to some actual points...

      "...the entire community is at fault for helping to destroy the hobby. The main way they are doing this is by wrecking indepedent retailers."

      The entire community? Everyone? Even were this true, you've left nobody to help you fix things. Which is moronic and short-sighted. This also ignores that it's the business of GW and the independent retailers to sell products to as wide a swath of that community as they can. If their products aren't selling, they need to make or sell different ones that appeal to the community more.

      After all, the most important maxim in business is "The customer is always right." And they are, even when they're totally wrong. You learn that in business, or your business fails.

      "...competetive people, not "fanboys", "WAAC people" (whatever the heck that means) are responsible. People like you guys are the main reason that stores fail."

      We are? How? Give us some solid information on how we're wrecking the hobby and independent retailers. Because from my standpoint, we:

      1) Play publicly, drawing interest to the game in-store.
      2) Answer questions from interested people, and offer advice.
      3) Provide opponents for people entering or re-entering the hobby.
      4) Blog about our games/theories/painting/etc. Which is free marketing.
      5) Organize tournaments that draw in players/money to game stores.

      Which is what the core players of any game, from boardgames to MMOs, do. We are the core. We buy the most. We talk the most. We are the glue that holds game communities together. When we leave (as many have left 40K), local communities of players fall apart.

      "...these warhammer blogs help to promote selfish, rude and lousy attitudes among new and regular players, thus helping to keep the community as bad as possible."

      Again, you need to provide some evidence for this. Because here's what the online community actually does:

      1) Provide free marketing for GW.
      2) Build interest in the game by talking about painting, playing, etc.
      3) Prevent players from buying useless units (longer player retention).
      4) Show new players how to play and build lists (disappointment prevention).
      5) Talk about the game's flaws, and what we'd like to see (valuable feedback).
      6) Share info on the best way to run friendly, fun events.
      7) Pick up the slack when GW doesn't think its own rules through.
      8) Break down barriers between gaming groups that would otherwise distrust each other.

      You can redeem yourself by addressing these points. But I sense more baseless assertions, oversimplifications, and insults coming.

    34. @Foodie

      Just call him Colm (his name on YTTH). His writing style is the same, his "truth" is the same, and his insulting double-standard of expecting respect while giving none is the same.

    35. To Sandyrm's first reply,

      Yes, the entire community is at fault. I am not going to make an effort to soothe your (or the rest of you people's) wounded ego's. You all are just going to have to face up to the facts at some point soon.

      The moronic statements are the ones coming out of your mouth, not mine. No, if the products are selling (and they are) but they are selling on ebay, then people need to stop buying on ebay. Again, you are wrong. It is not the fault of the independent retailers. They are the only ones not at fault.

      How do you wreck the hobby? See below please;
      1) find dozens of different ways to cheat
      2) be a sore loser
      3) threaten to boycott stores if they owners do not run the tournaments the way YOU tell them to
      4) intimidate your opponents into playing the way you want them to
      5) use pyschological tactics to win games, such as pressuring your opponents to play faster and then telling them after they make a huge mistake it is "too bad"
      6) buying only off of ebay
      7) encourage people to proxy models instead of buying them
      8) and it goes on and on and on

      Here is how the blogs get people to act horrible:
      1) encourage proxying instead of buying models
      2) tell people it is okay to proxy in order to get models to win more with
      3) encourage people to boycott independent retailers that do not toe the "party line"
      4) engage in online battles between different "warhammer personalities", ie: big ego jerks
      5) promote a different understanding of the rulebook rules from what the designers created
      6) encourage people to buy off of ebay
      7) use their blog space to advance right wing political agendas, such as making a post about how "terrible" 9/11 was and then proceed to attack Muslims and socialists throughout the post
      8) and it goes on and on forever

      Well, now that I did address your silly points, let us see where this discussion goes.

    36. My name is not Colm. You are talking about a different person, whom I do not know and whom is not relevant to this discussion. You are clearly just trying to start a fight over something stupid and irrelevant. Also, you are not respecting my statement that I want my privacy to be respected.

      So you are a typical autocrat. Like many Americans.

    37. Lastly to Foodie,

      I have spoken about several communities in this arguement. One was the general GW community, another was the community of bloggers and minions and another was the "competetive" community (or whatever the heck else you guys want to call yourselves).

      See my previous post to Sandwyrm for a better description of how the communities are destroying the hobby, please. In fact, since your post is a repeat of Sandyrms, see my reply to him for an answer to your questions.

    38. @Colm

      Listen carefully. Nothing in your first list applies to me, or anyone else who posts on this blog.

      In fact, of the 30+ hard-core public players that we used to have, parts of that list apply to (drum roll please...) two players that I've known. One was banned from 4 of the 6 stores here in town for unacceptable behavior, and I've not seen him since 2008. The other was a young kid, and the vets at the store did everything possible to curtail his obvious cheating (mostly directed at other kids) by calling him on it and making sure that he had to play US instead of new players. Finally, he just stopped coming.

      The only other place I ever saw such things was at 'Ard Boyz, and a few regional tournaments that took place pre-NOVA. After adopting the NOVA standard however, all of our tournaments became much more friendly. With LARGE increases in attendance until 6th Edition came out and destroyed the public player base over the course of the last year.

      Which is why I take exception to you calling EVERYONE in my community cheaters. We had some problems, which were made worse than they had to be by GW's sloppiness. But we came together as an international community and came up with solutions. We then used those solutions to solve our local problems. So WE fixed 5th, grew the local playerbase, and then GW destroyed what we had created with an especially sloppy and greed-driven game update.

      As for your second list:

      1) Define what you mean by a 'proxy'. A non-GW model? Something not representing what it normally would? What specifically are you raging against?

      2) Grammar fail. I have no idea what you mean.

      3) Nobody on this blog has EVER done this. In fact, I go out of my way to buy locally when I can.

      4) That's entirely subjective.

      5) Please explain this point more clearly, with a few examples.

      6) eBay is a tool. There are some things (fully painted armies, bits, and OOP minis/rules) that you can only get off of eBay.

      eBay is also the only way that some people can still afford to play this game. No, GW doesn't get a slice of those sales, but it keeps more people in the player-base. Which gives them all sorts of other benefits in recruiting and keeping paying players. Once the number of players at a store or in a city falls below a certain threshold, the game dies. Leaving GW (and stores) with nothing.

      If GW hates eBay so much, they should create their own miniatures auction site, where they can get a cut of the action. It wouldn't be hard, as eBay is a nightmare for sellers.

      If independent retailers hate eBay so much, then they could hold swap meets. They could also offer things (food, snacks, other services) that even people who buy their minis online would spend money on.

      7) We've never done this. Stelek occasionally posts political stuff that's important to him. But IIRC the conversation you're referencing originated in a post that was game related.

      Regardless though, just don't read it. Nobody is forcing you to. Free speech and all of that.

      8) Meaningless statement.

      It really seems like you had a bad experience with some douchebags at your own store, and now you're acting like we're ALL that way. Well, we're not. We're a complex community. But you don't seem very interested in hearing that.

    39. @Colm

      Whatever your real name might be, your username is Colm over on Stelek's blog. The more that you repeat the same insults and talking points, and refer to the same conversations, the more obvious it becomes that you're the same person.

    40. Sandwyrm,

      My name is: 231905fa-0039-11e3-86ce-000bcdcb5194. That is my name.

      I do not go to that blog or whatever it is. I am not that person. You will only tire yourself out constantly repeating this because I will deny it every time you do.

    41. Colm is not my name, this is my name: 231905fa-0039-11e3-86ce-000bcdcb5194

      Yes, actually some of that does. The worst cheaters are the ones that yell the loudest about being "honourable", like you and your friends. Your evidence about a lack of cheating is only supposed because you do not acknowledge as cheating the things I do.

      Furthermore, every single place I have ever gone to has had cheaters and some places have been full of cheaters. The nova people I played mostly did something of that nature and one store I went to, almost every single person cheated, was a sore loser, threw tempertantrums or did something else of that nature. My 18 years of playing gives a lot of evidence towards the community being that type of person.

      I am not raging against anything. that is so conformist of you do say that. conformist people always accuse their opponents of being angry so as to discredit their viewpoints and to try to fluster them. That will not work on me, foolish man.

      Proxying means using anything but the officially sanctioned GW model, with some exceptions. It is more of a general rule that is generally applied and the people who have issue with it are the ones who want to take advantage of it. like you i am assuming.

      I am typing a lot and fast, so my grammar is not that incredible. At least my argument is intelligent, where as your is not. Actually what you said about ebay is not true. Ebay is a huge source of monetary loss for the independent retailers, a huge pain and it destroys the community. ebay is horrible and it is the fundamental greed and selfishness of the community that makes it so successful at stealing money from independent retailers.

      People should just buy the models for what they cost. All they do when they buy off of ebay is screw the retailers. GW still gets money from it, so they do not hurt GW. Do you finally understand? The product was already sold, so GW could care less.

      I do not believe you about posting politically. I am pretty sure i have seen that here before and I sure have on most warhammer blogs, in general. Number eight was not meaningless, what is meaningless is your ideas as they are not relevant.

    42. Colm is your name on YTTH, and I find it easier to use than some string of numeric gobbledygook. You can pretend that you're a different person, but that simply insults our intelligence and proves your own dishonesty.

      Since I'm always nicer that I ought to be to jerks, and seek the enlightenment of others, I've given you a chance to engage in an honest discussion. But you have replied to my points with either baseless insults, or indecipherable drivel. Your reality evidently adapts to whatever you want it to be, making such discussions pointless. You are completely incapable of seeing any viewpoint but your own, and there is no proof or logic that will sway you from your objectification of others.

      I'm sorry that you had a bad experience in business. But that's business. You're not entitled to anyone's money, and nobody is entitled to yours. You either offer something that they want in exchange for what you want, or you go out of business. Simple as that.

      I could whine about all sorts of business-related pains in my own life. I've experienced customer and employer stupidity aplenty. But I refuse to define myself by it. There is much good in the world if you just open your mind and eyes to its presence.

    43. Again, I do not know who this "colm" person is. You continueing to speak about him as if he is me is nonsense. I am not that person and even if I was, it would not be your right to share private information, because that would be breaking privacy rights.

      I have replied to your points with insightful comments and you have chosen to ignore them. That says a lot about you. You obviously are not sorry: I can tell from the way you are acting.

    44. cry about this, and call me an autocrat or whatever bullshit you want... I'm kinda tired of your posturing, and talking out of both sides of the arguement.

      you're not banned.

      I'm tired, and don't feel like tracking you down. You're welcome to comment here, and piss in everyone's cheerios, and call people names, while demanding they treat you with the respect you've not really shown in return, nor have you earned.

      You want to tell people what to believe and how to believe it, and to pander to your whims.
      That's not really how we work around here.
      A lot of us know each other, and a lot of other people who frequent our little corner of the intarwebz have read us long enough to gain some understanding of who each of us is.
      I'm not getting that impression from any of your derision and mud-slinging.

      You don't really know us, or what makes us tick. It seems to me you simply wanted to vent, rant, namecall, and scoff when we don't fall all over ourselves in agreement with your opinions.
      I've not really seen any real substantiation of many of your claims. Mostly "the sky is falling, and I know why" cries.

      You're welcome to comment. Tonight, I tire of your shenanigans.

      So log in with something other than an opaqueID. yeah, you might have to take off your bedsheet, hood, put down your torch and pitchfork...and someone might recognize you.
      But this is the internet. People hide behind pseudonyms all the time.

      What are you afraid of?

      Ah! You who would hide a plan
      too deep!
      Who work in the dark, saying,
      “Who sees us, who knows us?"

      come into the light.

    45. This comment has been removed by the author.

    46. See? I told you that you people had no respect for the freedom of speech or assembly, as you go around passing out personal information without any respect to the owner.

      You are a real loser and piece of trash. But this you already knew. Furthermore, this pitiful and disgusting attempt to make me angry is not going to work.

      Although, you are all a bunch of jackasses (you know, donkeys) and your ridiculous behavior shows you to be pathetic.

      Typical autocrat assholes :-)

    47. In response to you passing out personal information that you have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO IN ANY SITUATION PRESENTLY CONCEIVABLE....

      I am now announcing that I am going to be present in every single discussion on this website. Every time a blog post is made, I will be there with at least two or three comments and then many more to follow once you jackasses decide to comment.

      There will be a deluge of comments. Your own actions have thus precipitated this.

      Keep up the good work, jackasses.

    48. ok Massena...
      and typical response. I probably could have scripted your passive-aggressinve bullying retort. except for what names you were going to call me.

      besides, this blog is my sandbox. When you come into my sandbox, your IP is given to me.

      I respect people's rights. But a rude person with a hood and sheet is still a rude person. Klansmen were always brave without accountability. once the hood and sheet comes off, and they have to answer for themselves, they became much less audacious and belligerent.

      now, want me to put some more info out?

    49. I am not a klansman. I would think you and your buddies fit that description far more.

      As for passing out personal information, IT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT AND YOU ARE A FASCIST PIECE OF SHIT FOR DOING SO.

      I hope that clears that up.

    50. Furthermore,

      Publishing personal information online only makes it clear what a fascist piece of trash you are and how unreasonable you have been.

      Essentially, you are doing exactly what I predicted you would do: trying to shut down this discussion and going to fascist lengths to do so.

      My response is of course, "Fuck you". Along with Banning this account and publishing personal information will lead to counter-attacks against you.

    51. This information is available to anyone who looks for it. Welcome to the digital web, Massena.
      you're still the one hiding who you are and threatening, and bullying.

      I'm digging you out.

      besides, you don't know me, what I stand for, or what I've done for speech, freedoms, and yeah, even miniature gaming.

      I'm all for free speech dude, if I weren't, you'd have been banned.

      I'd like you to follow one of my favorite rules:
      "don't be a dick"

    52. You know you want to ban me. But what you would enjoy even more is trying to make me angry enough to leave your page. You want to say "but I didn't ban him!!" like a whiny child who did not eat the cookies today, but ate them yesterday at 11:59am.

      You are hypocritical and again I state, it is you and your misogynist, thuggish friends that closely resemble klansmen. You lot are the bad people here, not me.

      You right wingers never did have any respect for privacy or any other rule or law or natural right that stops you from getting what you want.

      I know you want to ban me, but you really want to think you are clever and find a different way other then openly banning me. You think you are so clever by posting personal information (not your right) in an attempt to make me angry.

      It is not working, slimeball.

    53. I am warning you too....

      There will be consequences for you if you decide continue on this course of yours. I am not physically or sexually threatening you...that is what your buddy Auretius Taak does.

      I am saying that there will be negative consequences for your actions if you continue.

      If you do not continue, then there will not be consequences. You can swear at me, yell and scream at me, use racist names, be a misogynist and do whatever else you want. But if you continue on your present course, I will fight back and there will be consequences and you will not like it, that I can promise you.

    54. Sigh... 'Persecution' is what he wants Farmpunk. Like alcohol to a drunk. Just let it go. He's not worth the trouble.

    55. I am just saying now, I will lay a bet. I bet that Farmpunk, being the jackass he is, will continue with his course because he is that sort of person. He has no respect for others natural rights.

      I would be very surprised if you people do not try to do something like publishing my information on the internet. That would surprise me very much because I believe it is in your inner nature as bad people to do bad things, because that is how you all live your lives.

      Especially Farmpunk.

    56. Okay wow you just surprised me. I am sure you were doing it out of spite and to try to score cheap points with the stupid internet audience, but still, a surprise it is.

      And you even deleted the offensive comment. Well, I only wanted to have a nice, cinvilizerd conversation about certain things with you guys but since you all are being so rude (in general)and even acting like thugs (Auretius Taak), I will depart from this site.

      I think you all have quite a bit of learning to do, in regards to life and how to treat people.

    57. you're an angry, little being aren't you?

      please, if you want to be respectful, and have discourse, you're welcome.

      I bet if you took of your hood and sheet you wouldn't be as bold and nasty. That's why I like ID systems, except open ID. Open ID allows people to be as big of jerks as they want to be, and threaten, but not threaten, others.

      what upset you so much down at Play the Game Read the Story games? People building community? The Mandulian Chapel guys seem like pretty decent guys trying to build up a game community.
      that's what we try to do here.
      You must really hate community building, huh Massena?

      I have rights to free speech and information, Massena. Your information is available through the public record.
      I find it ironic you're threatening MY rights to information and free speech when I start lifting off your sheet and hood.

    58. He doesn't want to have a discussion Farmpunk, he's having a manic episode. Given that its gone on for days on 3+ blogs, he's probably bi-polar and has been off his meds for 1-2 weeks prior to this. His brain isn't working properly, and he's stuck in a world of his own delusions.

      Just let it go, and try not to take it personally. What we're hearing isn't really 'him'. Nothing we type here can help him get through it. Once he cycles over into depression, he'll be gone. Hopefully, those close to him can help him.

    59. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    60. @Spaguatyrine,

      Yep, been a long time, but have been about, not as much 40k recently though, have been taken by Kingdom Death, and have a huge kickstarter order inbound in a few months time and well that game is going to be awesome and the models are top notch, seriously awesome models. 40k wise, my rogue trader era tyranids are gtting to stupid sized levels, I'm at 100 hunter slayer termagants, I'm soon to own a full 15 limited release mounted genestealer hybrids and I acquired after 2 years of looking and following leads, one of the unreleased rogue trader tyranids aka the protonid. It is surprisingly detailed considering its' age. Anyways, you have my email, shoot me a message and let me know how you've been.

    61. That's enough Taak.

      We've been done with this for a few days. While I appreciate some of the content of your response, the person from Massena has not bothered us for a few days.

      I simply found out where he lives, via his IP info. Ahh the wonders of the information people give out without their knowledge on teh intarwebz.

    62. No fair enough Farmpunk, I sort of alluded to the IP tracking in my original comment - spend even 5 minutes on /b/ over at {NSFW kiddies} and it's pretty self evident that unless you know what you are doing really well, it's surpisingly easy to get all your information and show it to the whole world, hence being much more open and honest.

      It's good that said person hasn't been around for a bit, and I shouldn't post after 3am in the morning when I've been up most of the night as well, as you can see, very, very easy to troll (and ummm I don't hold back :p). I'm curious, is the person from Massena a man, lady, or transgender who doesn't associate as either male or female? I'm a bit confused by the butt hurt of being told to man up especially in a hobby that is so male dominant where terms such as man dollies are thrown around as well. In any case, said person should dry their eyes and move on. :)

  12. I forget your e-mail! But I'd like a ride Friday and Saturday. I won't be heading down on thursday till around 11-ish so I can pick up my paycheck.

  13. Another year, another Gencon that I won't go to... haha... at least this time I have the excuse of not living down the street from it.

    It would indeed be nice to see more than a token brown box from GW though... sheesh they need to stop acting untouchable...

  14. 23numberguy,

    What exactly are you Arguing? And why? You said you don't play the game and would rather put your time and money into something else. If you don't want to be a part of the hobby then why waste energy and time?

    I don't care if you think I am ruining the hobby because I am a highly competitive and highly SUCCESSFUL player. See you need credibility to change people's minds. Correct? Secondly, coming into a community to "blow it up" while coming across as better than us is probably not the best approach. Yes sometimes I think that GW could do things meter, but bEing an optimist I don't feel or think about the end of the company. So while I hear you in what you are saying, you will not get the respect or credibility you feel you deserve until you become more than an unnamed voice in a sea of noise.


    1. Look at my reply I gave above and you will see some valid points.

    2. 23numberguy,

      You didn't respond to the why? What's the motive? You stated you don't play or want to. Why are you on a crusade to tell us we are running a game that 'you would rather noy be a part of'?

      I'm the most competitive writer on this blog i believe. I put money into my flgs on a regular basis. I help new players. I run events and play to my competition especially when playing new or less experienced players. I haven't tabled an opponent in 3 years. Am I ruining the game?

      You also didn't address the credibility piece I discussed. If you want respect from us in your opinion you must earn it. Right?

    3. No, if I want respect, then you should give it to me. Basic human respect is something to be demanded, not asked for.

      My motive behind talking about this is to show GW fanatics like you the reasons why they are destroying the hobby and ruining the situtation. I want to bring more of you into the light and help you guys to see what you are doing wrong. The motive force behind my part of this discussion is to help others see why being a bad person is not a good thing.

      Well, that is good that you put money into the local store, if that is true. How much money though, enough to matter, or a pidley amount??? Most competetive people do not do so. They buy off of ebay or trade for stuff and do not support the independent retailers. This is a fact.

    4. Respect has to be earned Colm. You can't walk into someone else's house and demand it, even as you fail to show it to others.

      What you can't see is that YOU are being a bad person. You. Right now. You are not acting in a way that's worthy of anyone else's respect. Yet you constantly demand it.

    5. No I am not being a bad person, it is all of you who are.

      Yes, respect is demanded. A person demands that others do not swear at him, yell/scream at him, call him names or physically/sexually assault him.

      Obviously! What sort of person are you?? You seem like such a gross right winger!

    6. Furthermore,

      The way that Taak acted is like the way that typical, thuggish, right wingers act all the time. He threatens to assault me, he uses misogynist language and he swears at me.

      He is a crude piece of excrement, a true savage. Just like many right wingers. His behavior should be abhorred, yet some of you actually compliment him. That tells me a lot about you people!!

    7. You know nothing of me, my beliefs, my politics, or indeed anything at all Colm. Or you would not say such ridiculous things.

      Indeed, I have shown you much more respect that you deserve, and my patience is at an end. Goodbye.

    8. I know a fair amount about you from the way you treat other people online. You also fail to condemn your friend's disgusting treatment of me, which says a lot about you.

      You acting like you know what respect I deserve is very arrogant and self-righteous.

  15. For wanting to debate you sure seem to be missing points that I am bringing up for some reason.

    Respect of your opinion has to be earned. Respect off you as an individual should be a basic human right until you show you don't deserve it. You have zero credibility in this group so no respect for your opinion is warranted until you earn it. You have offended many in this community, ergo the explanation of why you personally are being disrespected this is basic human relationships 101.

    You talk about respect but accuse us, me, of being bad people when you don't know anything about us. Is that not did respectful? Is this not hypocritical in nature? Should I not demand you show me respect by not assuming how we are? So it is your 'mission' to convert us competitive players to be what? Players that are not competitive in a game that you don't care about. .. for what reason exactly?

    I don't buy from eBay. Regardless of how much I put into the hobby or local store it is more than you do right? Since you don't spend any money on the hobby or local stores. So in actuality you are hurting the game just as much as I am right?

    You can't convert anyone to anything unless you have CREDIBILITY. No one really listened to chicken little did they?

  16. No, basic respect does not have to be earned at all. It is demanded, as a natural right, something that all people owe each other regardless of how they feel.

    Now, you can attack my beliefs all you want, but you have to show respect when you do it.

    That little line about "not deserving it" is such an autocratic thing to say. All people deserve respect, period. Try applying your own logic to yourself and see just where you lie.

    I know plenty about you people. I have read this blogs articles and watched the way that you people act, for years now. I am not hypocritical and even if I was, it would not be a cause to threaten me with assault or swear at me.

    My mission is to convert you from being bad people to being good people. That is my mission.

    Well that is good you do not buy from ebay then. Ebay destroys the community. I do not put any money into the hobby, because I feel the entire hobby is not one worth supporting and I do not want to be involved in events with all these horrible people.....the entire horrible community. I got sick and tired of all that negativity and anger a long time ago.

    I do have credibility, you just refuse to acknowledge it.

  17. Guys, with colm ther only way to win is not to play. Realized that after he threatened me with summary execution on YTTH. He's either a very tallented troll or jmbalanced. Just ban him and be done with it, if he wants his one soapbox he can go create his own blog.

    1. Here we go, yet more people are threatening me with being banned.

      You autocrats are all the same. You always squash dissent rather then have your views be challenged.

      I knew there would be people here calling for me to be banned. you people have no concept of freedom of speech or assembly.

      And I never threatend Darr with summary execution, he is lying. I am not a "troll" and you should stop using conformist language like that because it makes you look stupid.

    2. oh and I do not go to YTTH or whatever the heck that is called.

      my name is not colm. my name is: 231905fa-0039-11e3-86ce-000bcdcb5194

    3. You're right CD, but I believe in giving everyone a chance.

      Colm wants to be banned, so very very badly. As it will feed his persecution complex and 'prove' to his demented inner self that he was right about us all along.

      Just ignore him guys. Then he'll go seek persecution elsewhere.

    4. I am not "colm", my name is 231905fa-0039-11e3-86ce-000bcdcb5194.

      I do not want to be banned, I want to illuminate ignorant people like you on this site. There is a big difference there. I do not have a persecution complex, but you do act like an autocrat. It would prove just how right I am about all of you.

      I am not done talking to you and I am going to continue this conversation. If you walk away from me, that would be quite rude so I am telling you not to do that if you do not wish to be rude.

      You really are full of nonsense. How about you try having an intelligent, reasonable conversation with me instead of all of this hypocritical nonsense??

      My name is: 231905fa-0039-11e3-86ce-000bcdcb5194


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