Monday, August 19, 2013

Gencon: Malifaux, Dust, Flames, Wargames Factory, & Games Workshop

by SandWyrm

Now that I'm back from 4 exhausting days at Gencon, I thought I'd start off by sharing some of the minis that each vendor was showing off.


Malifaux was everywhere, and really had an impressive presence at the show. Besides showing off their new edition, they had a display case full of their plastics. I don't know what's new here, but I did like the quality of what I saw.


Battlefront had a huge booth, but it was almost all given over to Dust, Sparticus, and especially their new Firefly game (above). Yes, there's a dinosaur as a playing piece (only a foam cutout in the box though). They sold out of Firefly (1000 boxes) within 1 hr of the vendor hall opening on Thursday morning.

Here's some of the new Dust models they were showing off. 

They were still putting stuff out when I came by. Late night guys?

Flames of War got short shrift this year. With only one small shelf of stuff, mostly starter sets. But at least they were offering 20% off and free shipping for all orders at the show. So I was able to get some Marders and 8-Rads on the cheap.

Wargames Factory had an impressive booth not far from GW's. They had all of their WWII Flames/Bolt Action compatible stuff on display. Plus the new Dreamforge 28mm plastics.

Their IG squad boxes were being sold for just $18, which seriously undercut The War Store, which was charging almost twice as much.

Games Workshop

Games Workshop, despite its unprofessional looking booth last year, must have made a ton of money. Because they really stepped it up this year. Full, professional looking booth, dioramas, and lots more staff. My only real complaint was the lack of a banner overhead. Which made it REALLY hard to find them.

Battlefront had this problem too. Come on guys, that's trade show 101! Fantasy Flight, Privateer, and Wyrd were impossible NOT to find.

This was a very nice touch.


And here's the minis...

The Tonka-Truck of doom still looks silly, even in person. But at least it's detailed.

Some new Marines here. Plus that giant Squig.

I don't remember seeing the Eldar stuff before.


  1. The Eldar stuff's been out for a while. It's just that they are closer to the useless side of the Forgeworld power scale.

  2. I love that the Mortis robot is throwing up the horns. Anything on the Dream Pod 9 presence?

    1. DP9 Presence was good. But the Battletech presence was off the hook. Almost nothing last year, but huge booths this year. Plus multiple 3rd parties selling resin dropships, buildings, and alternative mechs.

  3. Did you mean to attribute Battlefront with Dust, Firefly, etc? I thought FFG was the creator of those games. Battlefront is the creator/publisher of Flames of War, right?

    1. No mistake. Battlefront took over Dust distribution a month or two back from FFG.

      Dust is developed by Dust Studios, an independent company.

      Battlefront developed (or is at least distributing) Firefly & Sparticus.

    2. Note the Gale Force Nine (a Battlefront subsidiary) logo on the Firefly demo table.

      FFG was on fire at the show and didn't seem to miss Dust at all. Huge booths, tournaments everywhere, plus constant wrap-around lines to get into their store area.

    3. I didn't know that! Guess I should keep up on recent events more.

  4. So many unpainted minis in Wyrd display. Sad. How about Corvus Belli?

    FFG has that X-wing game. On fire may be an understatement. It's not a bad little game either.


    1. Wyrd was showing off its new line of plastics. If they'd painted them, you'd never realize they were plastic.

    2. So they're that good. I'll have to check them out. Thanks.


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