Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So THAT'S What The Advanced Cloak Does

by SandWyrm

Figured I'd take a break today from the living hell that is preparing my parents' taxes, and share some interesting X-Wing stuff that turned up on Facebook in the local Imperial Remnant group. To start with: A nice leaked picture that gives a few details about the upcoming Tie Phantom and its cloaking device.

Thanks to Steve Spikermans for posting this in the Imperial Remnant Group!

Stats on the Phantom are carefully hidden, but it looks like the cloaking device will give it a +2 Agility when activated. Hmmmnnn.... nasty.

I've been quiet for a few weeks now due to parental dramas, family sickness, and the resulting lack of gaming. But I should be good to game tonight, and Amazon says my new Imperial Aces set will be delivered today. Yay! 1-Turn barrel rolls here I come! :)

X-Wing At Gencon.
While I was busy doing taxes and attending birthday parties (quack quack) though, I completely missed that the GP North had a 12-man X-Wing tourney this past Saturday. What! How did I miss that? Looks like Andrew Harding, one of our old 40K regulars took first place. Congrats!

Which means that X-Wing is now drawing as many or more tournament players at the GP North than 40K did during its 5th Edition high. Hell, Star Trek: Attack Wing probably has more regular players than 40K now too.

Again, thanks to Steve Spikermans!

And speaking of Attack Wing... Looks like Wizkids is going to put out a D&D version soon.

Only this version of the Wings of War X-Wing mechanics will have troops, fliers, and a few other very interesting things.

This is Wiz Kids we're talking about, of course. So we'll have to see what the final quality is like (Attack Wing is kinda sloppy in a lot of ways). But its damn interesting, that's for sure. We're starting to see what the post-GW gaming world is going to be like.

As for GW, they closed all of their non-store (Digital Editions, Forge World, Black Library) Facebook and Twitter accounts sometime in the last few days. But who really cares anymore?


  1. "But who really cares anymore?"

    You do apparently. Since despite your obvious, long standing loathing of GW, and the fact that this post is really just about X-Wing, you still had to mention GW...

    1. i know how he feels. i am almost beyond caring what they do, and yet deep down i still want them to be better because their universe is awesome.

    2. I think Atreides hits our feelings about GW about on the head.
      Like an old friend that's taken a different path, you keep hoping that sometime when you see 'em again they'll have wizened up and made some better choices. Then you see them keep making even more choices you would consider 'dumb moves'... and you remember the good times you guys had a long time ago.

      Their business choices don't mesh with my life choices. and that's.... ok.

    3. LOL!

      Don’t mistake the shaking of my head for the banging of a fist. I don't loath GW, I pity them.

      Much like a crazy ex-girlfriend once the dramas of the breakup are over. You remember the good times, and really wish she’d clean up her life, cause you still care about her a little. I mean, you know what she could be if she’d just stop . But you finally gave up trying to change her. She is who she has chosen to be. But you still care.

      As for why I mentioned them…

      In case you missed it, all of the info in this post originally came to me through Facebook. The leak, the tournament report, the D&D teaser, and the latest about GW all happened through social media.

      GW is running away from social media. They just closed down every social media account that would allow communication anywhere above the level of an individual store.

      Am I surprised? I was more surprised to hear that they still had some active non-store Facebook pages. Who knew?

      So you know… Irony.

      Not gonna talk about how stupid GW’s move is, because it’s not only self-evident, but was done to death during the whole “Spots The Space Marine” fiasco, when they closed down their main GW Facebook page. So you know... derp.

      The other reason is that you can’t put a context to the actions of Wizkids or FFG without mentioning GW at some point. They are still the 799-pound gorilla of this industry. If this D&D wargame is a hit (no reason to think it won’t be), then what will version 3-4 look like? Wanna bet it will have multi-model units on a combined stand? Something… dare I say it… more Warhammer-ish?

      And if D&D:AW does take off, what’s to stop FFG from potentially releasing a 40K version? Or, better yet, a Star Wars version?

  2. not sure if you are aware but Phantom Stats are 4 attack, 2 defense, 2 hull and 2 shield. give them that advanced cloaking device and a recon specialist as crew and you have a pretty nasty ship!

    1. Hmmnnn... that only makes them a 4 defense with the cloak on. Which a Tie Interceptor can match with a Stealth Device upgrade. Though without the burn-out when hit the first time.

      Four attack dice though... that's just insanely nasty.

      Seen any Tie Defender stats?

    2. All the stats for every new ship are up. Nasty things coming down the pipeline for both factions. I'll try and pull them up and post them later. Damn, now that I don't play GW anymore, I actually have things to say with X-Wing. I oughtta do a few articles on the game. :)

    3. If you saw that Lt Blount will always cause a hit with any secondary he fires, you'd know that the stealth device is going to take a heavy hit when the Z-95 comes out.

      With 2 shields and 2 hull, it will be slightly harder to one-shot a Phantom like you can with an interceptor. Plus the Phantom can equip a crew card.

      The Defender is 3/3/3/3 and 30 points for the PS1 scrub. It can equip a System and a missile, It has a white K-turn. That's all we know about it currently.

    4. @Uber

      Yes, yes you should. :)

    5. CaulynDarr should start posting on X-Wing too. He's the local expert right now.

  3. Just curious, what were the things you disliked about the Star Trek Attack Wing figs? Just getting into the game myself, and finding the Klingon ships I have at least to be pretty nice... Was a bit cautious about the Wizkids thing after playing Mechwarrior and really enjoying it... Well, until they killed it off :-)... Not a blind buy, so figured it was worth a shot...

    1. Two things:

      1) The various ships aren't in-scale to each other. Defiant is nearly as big as an Enterprise-D, for instance.
      2) The ships aren't painted to the same quality as the X-Wing minis, but cost the same.

      Can't blame Wizkids for the fail that is Next-Generation/DS9 ship design, but that's a factor too. Much prefer TOS and especially TOS-Movie ships to NextGen anything.


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