Friday, April 4, 2014

Table Top Day!

by: farmpunk

I love table top boardgames. Something everyone can sit down and do on a rainy day, or cold day, or... any day. It just so happens that tomorrow, April 5th, is Table Top day.

Mrs. farmpunk and I will probably take the girlies down to one of the local shops for some boardgame action. Even though they are young, they do like to play some games.
I just gotta keep the older one away from the My Little Pony CCG. Which, honestly doesn't look TOO horrible, from a rules standpoint, and it's got character.

Now, what do you do?

find somewhere on the searchable Map.
There are 11 events listed in Indy... so I'll pick the North side events. There are 3 game stores listed on the North side, and a game club listed as hosting events. We will probably go to one of the shops close to home.

easy enough.

There should be games to play, and swag to garner.

You can probably bring your own games if you wish. We will probably bring a few of the girls favorites to play, since games for 5-6yr olds aren't terribly prevalent.
Mainly, we want to encourage our girls to play games, since Mrs. farmpunk and I both enjoy it.

now go game!

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