Friday, May 23, 2014

Three Vehicles That Would Look Cool In 40K

by SandWyrm

My browsing this last week turned up 3 vehicles that would look pretty cool in 40K. Have a look.

U.S. Marine Corps AAC (Assault Amphibious Vehicle)

As a recovering Guard player, this thing just screams 'Ogryn Transport' to me.

Indian Army 155mm Field Howitzer 77B (The Bofors Gun)

So let me get this straight... The Indian Army has a howitzer that's WAY cooler than any artillery piece in 40K? Wow. Self-propelled (but also towed), can turn in place like a Segway, and it has a cool  ammo-loading arm? Wow.

Should be able to fire at least 3 shells at different trajectories so that they all land at once.

Indian goose-stepping is kind of entertaining too. ;)

The Czech BMP-M2 IFV

So it's basically the Chimera that GW should have come out with when they re-tooled their existing IG tanks 4 years ago. 

Here's a platoon of what I assume are ex-Soviet BMP-1's running right through a roadblock in Ukraine. These things are pretty nimble compared to any of the Bradley videos I've seen.


  1. :-) I actually have a Soviet BMP as my Praetorians "Command Track"... The Czech one does look a lot more modern...

  2. Any of these would've been better than the Taurox...and shouldn't the plural be Tauroxen, not Tauroxes?
    I love the idea of an assault vehicle for guardsmens. That would be hysterically awesome.

    I'm actually kind of glad GW slipped up, and didn't make the Taurox thingies 'must haves,' and instead made them overpriced and a point of front armor or two short. The good ol' reliable Chimera is still the best IG transport, by far.
    And the Wyvern is just plain lazy, design-wise.

    I'd trade both of the Tauroxens and the Wyvern for something slick like that BMP.

  3. You'd probably like Dropzone commander, the human units are all pretty intricate designs based on modern AFVs.

  4. Bought that very Amphibious Assault Vehicle vehicle (in kit form) for this very reason. About six months back I saw it in a hobby store & I thought to myself "hey, that would make a great 40k tank!"

    Not yet put together though...... still in the painting queue.


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