Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Some hobby time

By theGravemind

I've been away for a while. Its been a tight year for me, I haven't really had internet for free time. What time I have had, I've spent on the hobby.
The new tyranid release got me back into playing nids. I've been slowly working on my tau as well. My next project is a heresy era night lords.
With up coming xmas money, I've got a barbed hierodule ordered. I'm hope with in a few months things will turn around for me so I can make more progress on the night lords.
Photo dump of some projects.


  1. Nice lightning style work on the Night Lords there!

  2. Well somebody sure has a buncha stuff on their plate!

    Yeah, man- Night Lords are sweet.

  3. Quite the apocalypse battle there. Lightning looks awesome :D


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