Monday, March 13, 2017

3D Printing: Building A Better Miniature Base

by SandWyrm

Games Workshop bases. For better or worse, we're all used to them (or their many copy-cats). But while assembling my large order from Anvil Industry to make a copyright-legal army for WarStrike,   I had to decide what kind of bases to use for the figures that didn't come with any.

And since I've got a nice 3D resin printer... Well, I think I've come up with something much better than the norm.

A 3D Printing Kickstarter That Deserves More Attention (Updated)

by SandWyrm

There's a new company in town offering 3D printable scenery, and it's in just the style I like.... SANDY! Oh man do I want these!

Friday, March 3, 2017

First Look At My New Anvil Industries & Ramshackle Minis

by SandWyrm

In a very unfavorable comparison to the US Postal Service, the Royal Mail managed to deliver my large Anvil Industries miniature order (581 grams) in just one week for £6. While I've recently paid 5 times that to ship about one ounce of 3D printed minis to Belgium, only to have them lost in transit.

But hey, I've got a bunch of new minis that we have permission to use photographs of in our game! So let's take a look at what Anvil, and another company called Ramshackle Games have sent me.

Read the rest over on the WarStrike blog...

(I'm cross-posting this article, because it would probably interest quite a few here who still play 40k.)

Monday, February 13, 2017

ISIS Are Orks!!!

by SandWyrm

If you want some Orky inspiration, you need look no further than some of the crazy vehicles that ISIS has thrown together to conquer the Arab world with. Really? We can't stop these guys?

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