Thursday, June 15, 2017

Upcoming Game Demo Day Here In The Indy Area

by SandWyrm

We've been nicely asked to put up a post about some game demos, including 8th Edition 40K, that will be run locally at the Fishers library, on the north side of Indianapolis, this July.

"Hello I will be running some demos of 8th edition on July 22nd. I will be hosting a demo day at the Fishers Library.  
There will be other games there at least dark souls, bemused and 40k. Hopefully a few more.  
I was wondering if I could get a post on your blog. Or maybe just tell anyone you might know who lives in the Hamilton County area. I could use a few 40k players to help get my demo down pat.  I could probably even include an extra table for pickup 2k games. 
Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you. 
Here's the location info:

Good luck Jace!

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