Friday, October 2, 2009

The new learners

I wandered down the the local FLGS for the usual Wed. night lunacy. There are 2 FLGS's on my side of town now, and a lot of the kids and collegians are back at school. Wed. night attendance is getting scarce.

I do enjoy when new kids come in. There were a pair of brothers who came in dragging their mom with them. They wanted Carcasonne. IN A BAD WAY. and most of the expansions. I forget sometimes that there ARE kids that find good games and go for the gusto with them. they were all a-twitter with how cool, and fun Carcasonne is.
My wife and I own Carcasonne, and a variant of it, Ark of the Covenant, which we like a bit better (mostly for house rules, requiring you to make sound effects for when you do 'Biblical' stuff)
There were also a pair of Brothers who came in chomping at the bit to try Warhammer. They decided on the Science fiction type, and were going to get a Black Reach box, and some paint. It's kinda nice to see a 9yr old, and a 6yr old excited to get plastic dollies.
That kind of enthusiasm does me good.

There was a new guy who showed up, with his Space Marines. He was a vet player, but had been away for the last 2-3yrs. Poor guy lived in an area with the only games being on the Navy Base. Since He's not Military, it was kinda tough to get games.
It was kind of a re-learning for him to get 5th ed. Which is good. I need to teach more, it shores up my rules knowledge. I also siezed the initiative! OMFG! It finally happened! I play a lot of games, and I don't get to sieze the init!
it was Dawn of War deployment, so it meant he was up at midfield, too. It was a good game, but getting the init really can hamstring someone.


  1. My son is 12, he loves playing games like WH40k and Risk with me.
    We also have Settlers of Catan.

    The biggest obstacle we have is that mom and his two sisters don't share our taste in games... yet...

  2. Is that a picture of like a touch-tank at an aquarium? I was trying to figure out what they were learning to play for the longest time.

    I know as a new-ish player myself, the people who were patient and encouraging at the LGS are why I continued to show up and play (being a bit of an introvert myself).

  3. My wife likes playing games like Ticket to Ride, Carcasonne, and (though we don't won it) Catan. She especially likes team games where you play against the game itself. like Shadows over Camelot, and Arkham Horror.

    And yes, it IS a pic of a touch-tank at an aquarium. I wanted a pic of a 'teaching moment' That one was the best I found.

    I like teaching the game. As an experienced player, it's fun to see people develop their own 'style' once they learn the basics.


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