Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Calm before the storm

By TheGraveMind
So with just a few days away from the Indy open, there is a calm settling as everyone is working hard getting their armies ready and getting the last few practice games in before the big day. The turn out at the Kokomo tournament was really good, with xenos making a great show. I tried out a new variation of a list for it, and really liked the results. So now I'm in a mad dash to get my new units finished. I've put the last finishing touches on my display board and everything is coming together nicely.

If you have an army, a free weekend and the will to compete, I highly recommend you checking it out, there might be a few open spot left. TheIndyOpen


  1. Unfortunately I have been swamped all week. I will be in attendance but my army will barely meet the minimum in the paint regard. Its unfortunate but a little unavoidable. Either way I am there to lay back and escape the stress for a fun weekend with some old friends.

  2. Had to go nuts with a paint brush the last two weeks to paint up my army but looks like it's going to make :)

    See you bastards Friday!

  3. I will be checking in Saturday morning to begin my gauntlet. It depends what time I get threw tomorrow I should be able to make it by 7am. The benefit of driving through the night is less traffic. :) Brad what army did you end up deciding on? I am gonna be running my golden prince in my Necron/CSM list.

  4. I'm not going to be proud of it, but I'll just have the three color min on about half of my army. Darn school work and everything else this time of year. :/

  5. This sounds like its going to be a pretty awesome weekend.

  6. Well, I look forward to all of you being here. Good luck!


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