Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So Grey Knight sales are down?

By TheGravemind

So the deamons have been rumored for a while now, and with warriors of chaos coming out of nowhere, I figured that was it. I didn't think the daemons would get an update.... I mean, there are tons more that need it first. Daemons are one of the most feared armies right now, they just got a white dwarf update. But the fickle dark gods have more up their sleeves than us mortals know.... The daemonic incursion has begun!

So games workshop as usual finally decided to reveal.... well nothing really. Except that daemons truely are next.

Fire and brimstone, floating skull, creepy kid laugh at the end. Yep, daemons are come'n. Makes me have to wonder, were GK sales low or something? Maybe I'll have to buy some to ally with my marines. Or maybe Crudface wrote this and it will flop like tyranids. Either way, it seems we are only about a week away from finding out. I hope no one was planning on a daemon heavy list for the indy open.


  1. Damn! My buddy called it. This could very well change the meta or it could be like vampire counts in fantasy where they added a few units and barely changed anything in the damn book.

    1. This could be for fantasy or 40k. Doesn't really say...

    2. Well, models are now circulating around, so unless fantasy started using daemonic mopeds on oval bases it is dual release.

      And I'm still waiting for my tyranid models.... sigh.

    3. Those Chariots existed in the prior Codex and literally never received models, so the Tyranid situation doesn't quite compare just yet.

      And obviously, the new Codex won't affect the Open GT in any way; at the absolute earliest, the Codex would release on the first day of the tournament and be very much not playable.

      The largest effect it can possible have on the Open is that the head judge will be ignoring everyone to read it.

    4. It reminds me a lot of what they did with Vampire Counts last year. Dont look to see that much change in units. If I had to guess. They are mainly putting out a new dex with a few more units.

    5. Well, there is a lot of whining on YTTH about how Grey Knights aren't all that great anymore...

    6. That's probably the least I've ever cared about a sentence in my entire life.


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