Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Amazing Adepticon Display Board from the 2012 Team Tournament winner "They Shall Know Fear"

By Spaguatyrine

They Shall Know Fear

Team "They Shall Know Fear" are the 2012 Adepticon Team Tournament Champs and this year will be bringing an amazing 4 in 1 display board made by none other than the nearly famous Johnny Rockstar. 

What is a 4 in 1 board you might ask?  We came up with the idea to have 4 separate boards that could be used for the individual 1000 point armies during the team tournament but could also be joined to make 1 giant board when displaying the armies together. I reached out to Johnny who is an amazing hobbyist and makes display boards professionally.  Enjoy the pictures below.

And believe me it looks much better in person as I am NOT an expert at photography.  If you are interested in obtained or contracting Johnny to work on something for you he can be reached here:


This is not our army on the board but one of Johnny's armies. 

Entire Board as one with 3 elevations and lights on every board
Bottom 2 Boards

Top 2 Boards
Front Right Board
Front Left Board

Top Right Board

Top Left Board
Lighted Helipad!!!

War room with holographic table

Side View

Chimera coming out of the garage area

Marines running out of the hallway underneath the compound on the bottom board

We look forward to seeing you at Adepticon in the team tournament.  What do you like about this board?  Could you see yourself using a board like this for a team tournament or an individual GT tournament? 

Johnny has made me 2 boards so far and upgraded another for me.  He is top notch and very affordable.  Check with him and get your display board or terrain pieces made!

See you at adpeticon!!


out dang bot!

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