Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 Tippcon Grand Tournament in Lafayette, Indiana June 15th-16th!!

By Spaguatyrine

Custodes Imperialis

The Indy Open and I are supporting this Grand Tournament event from The Custodes Imperialis gaming group located in Lafayette, IN just a short drive from Indianapolis. 

The name of the event is Tippcon and this is the third year of the event but the 1st year they are running a grand tournament event.  There are a ton of prizes and events to choose from....

You can check out the Tippcon site here.  They have everything from the 40K GT event to Dystopian Wars, Uncharted Seas, Warmachine, X-wing, Warhammer Fantasy, open gaming, and more!

I attended last year and had a blast.  They have upgraded to a bigger and better location to hold a ton of different gaming events and run a full fledged 64 man 40K grand tournament. 

The prize support is huge from what I am told with over $1000 in prizes.  A sneak peek into some of the prizes is below:

Renaissance Man:                                     $100
Best General:                                            $200
Second In Command:                               Battle Force of Choice
Best Appearance:                                       Massive Paint, brush, conversion, basing kit
Best Sportsman:                                       Dark Vengeance Set

Multiple Best Showings for factions       Lots of prizes
Players Choice Award
The Master Tactician
The Headhunter
The Opportunist
The Aggressor
And Many more!!!!

Last year Grey Knights took out Dark eldar for the top spot!  Who is gonna rise to the top?

Necron Air??? Helldrake terror???? Tau drone madness???? Chaos Heralds and tons of seekers and fiends???? Ork mobs?????  Grey Knights??  Space Marines?? Eldar??  Sisters of Battle??? Imperial Guard?? Dark Eldar??? 


Pre register today!!    


  1. Thanks for posting this up! We're looking forward to seeing some great competition again this year!

  2. I plan on being there! Who else?

    1. Just registered, looks like I'll be there to end you're reign of terror. :D

  3. Do we know anything about points, restrictions, missions, ext?

    1. Hi Caulyn, the tournament is 1850, standard 40K rules, no Forgeworld. The event documents are available here:

      If you have any other questions please feel free to ask :)

  4. Signed up and ready to roll!

  5. Eldar?? Um, no. But I may have to go play anyway.

    1. Would love to have you there! What army do you play?

  6. I'm looking at going... hmmm just maybe.

    1. It's a great time with fantastic prize support!

  7. Slicksauce will get it up soon. I believ

  8. All of the tournament documents have been available for quite some time now:

    Online registration:

    I'm also working on swag bags for those or pre-register!

    Sorry if it's hard to see, I'm thinking of switching to a better template soon. Also, if you're on Facebook, shoot me a message and I'll add you to the TippCon event page!

  9. Here is a quick schedule overview for you guys:

    Saturday June 15
    Warhammer 40K GT – 1850 points, 4 rounds Day 1 (64 player spots available)
    X-Wing Tournament (Regional Championship) – 100 points (64 player spots available)
    Uncharted Seas Tournament – 850 points (16 player spots available)
    Dark Age March to Immortality Tournament – 750 points (64 player spots available)
    Magic: the Gathering events all day and late into the night
    Demos for all kinds of great games!

    Sunday June 16
    Warhammer 40K GT – Top 8 Finals
    Warhammer 40K Pairs Tournament – 1000 points per player (32 team spots available)
    Dystopian Wars Tournament – 1000 points (16 player spots available)
    Warmachine 50 Point Steamroller Tournament (48 player spots available)
    Star Wars LCG Tournament (Regional Championship) (100 player spots available)
    Magic: the Gathering events all day and late into the night
    Demos for all kinds of great games!

    Prizes: Each event will have excellent prize support both in quantity and quality with tournament winners in for some big surprises!

    So head on over to the TippCon page and get registered! We are aiming to make this the best wargaming event in Indiana so get your tickets fast! The first 50 registrants are guaranteed a collectible badge you can use for a backpack or army transport case! Speaking of the Best Western…

    TIPPCON 2013 Best Western Hotel Booking Page

    Booking at the Best Western will also give you a 10% discount at the hotel’s Hour Time restaurant. The Best Western is one of the best hotels in Lafayette, with plenty of restaurants and shopping nearby (perfect if anyone wants to bring along the family).
    Book your room FAST!

  10. Waiting for dustin to show up! Lol ill be there. You should think about dust warfare

    1. We're considering getting into Dust Warfare - might get some demos in during GenCon!

  11. I think if I can get my tau built in time, I'll try and show up for this.

    1. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing some Tau in action at the tournament!


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