Friday, October 25, 2013

Bits search; chaos head

By TheGraveMind

I'm looking for 30+ of this bit. It is a standard Chaos marine helmet. I'd prefer to do a trade, I have tons of tyranid, Marine, and chaos bits. I also have a good amount of Dark eldar, Eldar, and Tau bitz to trade. I'd accept any amount I can get. I'll buy and work out shipping if the quantity dictates.



  1. Given that chaos marines have a variety of helmets do you know what set it is from.

  2. Have you considered using Oyumaru and green stuff? It's very good for replicating bits like this. I had a lot of success with capes and heads etc.

  3. Or start learning how to cast bits, very easy and opens up a world of conversion etc

    Just google "how to make molds to cast miniatures" or something similar to that effect.

    1. Well they are common enough bits i am hoping i can get done from people.

    2. Fair enough.

      In my country however, the gaming gaming comunity is not that large, and paying redonkilouse postage feas from overseas makes ebay and other ventures very expensive, so casting eases the cost tremedously!

  4. Hi,

    I think I might actually have one of those heads which is surprising since I don't collect CSM. Have you tried

  5. Picture's from the Blackdagger Games eBay store, so I assume you've already seen them there?

    You're honestly probably going to be best off just buying them from that guy. No average player is going to have the kind of quantity to warrant paying repeated shipping for; it's not like most people buy 5+ CSM boxes.

  6. Black daggeris my go to shop on ebay. But at 1$ a head, it won't work when I need 20+.

    Most chaos players are going to have extra heads, its just finding the people who didn't use these types. Also looking more to trade locally, if possible.

  7. Are you still looking for these? I only have about 7 but I could ship them to you. (You just want the arrow ones correct? I have more of the bumpy ones and the ones with the breather type mask.)


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