Monday, October 14, 2013

Quick hit on Feast of Blades

By Spaguatyrine

Driving back from Denver, I thought I would send a quick update about Feast of Blades.  I will do an in depth write up later.

Quick hits: Positives

Very good event for multiple game systems.
Great location.
Good tough competition.
Good judging.
Fun staff.
Good looking terrain.
Meeting a lot of new People and seeing familiar faces.

Quick hits: Opportunities

Terrain rules.
Base missions with first blood.
Travel distance for me.


Winner of Spoils of War tournament.
4th place in GT. (Unconfirmed at this point)

Below is the cockpit of the chaos warhound titan I won for the Spoils tournament.   Pretty awesome!  I will post a full picture when I get back.

Didn't finish where I wanted but had a good time. Thanks to Chandler and his team for a great event.


  1. Wait, so did you win a whole titan, or just the cockpit?

  2. Replies
    1. Which was ironically better then the prize support for the invitational. lmao!

    2. Absolutely but I still would prefer the latter. Lol

    3. Want someone to build and paint that for you? :)

  3. Its already together, pinned, magnetized, etc. I was going to offer a trade...

    1. Not gonna lie I want it but the wife would never let me have it. What you looking for? I have a lot of models to include some centurions unopened.

    2. I picked up a csm army in trade for ogres, it's a bunch of berserkers, and then some useful stuff (there's quite a lot in any case), I'd trade all of that for the titan. Yeah chaos for chaos. Makes sense to me. If interested hit me up in an email spags as I've been up 22 hours (zoo day of win!) and will forget I posted this when I wake up tomorrow haha!

    3. You should call me then. I would work out a trade for it.

  4. Replies
    1. ha! ummm no. give me a call man, we can figure something out. lol.


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