Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tyranid models, new pictures leaked

By TheGraveMind

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So we have the new Tyranid prime, most likely a plastic clamshell. And then these new warrior kits who look almost the exact same, but the knees are different on some.

Here is the Harpy finally, I'm digging the slicked back spikes. It looks like it will be of decent size comparing to the flight stand.

Then we have the second flier options, rumored to be called the Crone. Looks like it has a Throat mounted cannon, hoping a high rate of fire considering it has two ammo feeds going into it. Also appears to have remora like sporemine missiles of some kind.

Hopefully these aren't like the Dark angel missiles and they can actually hurt fliers.

Here is one of the rumored big bugs. That mouth looks like it will put the mawlock to shame. Could be the transport if it carries them inside, not sure if it could really fit 20 stealers in there though. This was probably what was getting confused with the grappling flier rumor we had.

Lastly we have the second build of the big bug kit. Looks like a huge artillery piece. Honestly this is my least favorite of them, as it has nothing special. It looks kind of plain. Besides that, isn't this what the tyranofex is supposed to be? Is this going to outshine it or will their roles be changed to make this sell?

This last one is a mystery to me, looks like a cool conversion using the new hiveguard kit. It could be the new Tyrant guard models, which would be sweet, or maybe it is a Arjac like special character.

Can't really tell if it fits in here or not. could just be an awesome conversion found on the webs. Still looks awesome.

And Faeit 212 has prices up.
New Releases January 11th
Codex Tyranids: by the Games Workshop Design Studio $49.5 £30
Tyranid Psychic Cards $6 £3.5
Tyranid Harpy/ Hive Crone $80 £48
Tyranid Haruspex/ Exocrine $73 £44
Tyranid Warriors (3 models) $51 £31
Tyranid Hive Guard/ Tyrant Guard (3 models) $70 £42.5
Carnifex Brood (2 models) $90 £55
Tyranid Swarm (95 models) $170 £105


  1. That last one is the Tyrant Guard. Look up the old artwork for them, and you'll see where the over-sized plate idea came from.

    My bet is the Crone either gets a flamer (hopefully a torrent) or a bio-plasma-ish gun. But from those tubes (mixing of chemicals) I'm putting more weight behind the flame template. Just guessing on my part, but that's my guess.

    I am wary of what the Exocrine means for the Tyrannofex. Not that the Tfex was good at its anti-tank job (it's far more effective/points efficient at being an anti-troop template spam unit). I've been going over my bits, though, and I can convert easily one of the flyers from a spare tervi-body (yaaay for that box that was missing legs!!), and my current 2nd Tervigon will more likely become either a Tfex or Exocrine (rupture cannon should be passable as that giant gun there).

    Anyway... time will tell.

    1. The Tyrannofex dropped 60 points and will likely fill more of a linebreaker role. Move it forward while firing and let the enemy spend a ton of firepower on it.

      The Exocrine will bomb from afar. Slightly different roles.

      The best part? Tyranids will have access to lots of ways to saturate an opponent with different threats. That will make units like Warriors and Genestealers more viable again simply because they have to decide where to pour their shots.

    2. Kind of like the Carnif- .... oh....

      What you're saying *should* be true... target saturation is a big part of the army. However, that only works if you don't have the time/firepower to deal with each of the targets coming at you... and currently... you do.

      Tyranids are, in a word(s), too slow.

      Adrenal Glands need to unlock the old Fleet rule (run and charge in same turn). That, along with appropriately costed biomorphs/weapons, would solve the assault issue.

      I would love to run a brood of Screamer Killers, with the original models, just because. I would love it even more if they were worth running.

  2. 95 models for $170? That actually might be a decent deal.....

    1. To put into perspective, the Endless swarm package, which is 72 gaunts goes for $174. So even if the Tyranid swarm with 95 models is made out of just gaunts, it would be about 30% savings.

  3. The artillery bug with the phallic symbol on top will be a centerpiece on my coffee table.

  4. The Exocrine looks "plain" because of the paint job. Really GW's studio color schemes for Tyranids have always been lacking. Pale skin + colored plates = done.

    Once the interwebs starts getting creative, we will get a better idea of just how cool the new monsters can be.

    1. You've never seen any of the rogue trader or 2nd edition studio Tyranid armies have you? If you had, you'd realise your statement above is entirely void.

    2. I think it looks plain because it has no spikes, or flair to it. It is simply a plain body, with a gun, with a small head. nothing special.


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