Friday, January 17, 2014

Frostycon Mission 2014 are up!!!!

By Spaguatyrine

Behold the missions for Frostycon are ready. These new missions have been developed by multiple tournament organizers across the county with the object in mind to help create balance in the game of 6th edition 40k. 

We still have a few spots left so sign up today!!!!

Frostycon 2014 mission pack

Also don't forget about the 2nd day optional team tournament. Only $5 per player.  1000 point list with the Frostycon restrictions here.


  1. These missions look kick ass ! Good luck to you and best wishes.

    : )

  2. I think these missions are a great idea. I'm really looking forward to hearing how they turn out!

    1. We will of course be using torrent of fire. But I will also do an in depth article on how the new concept missions affected the games. You could come korona

  3. I'd love to but I live in London. Travelling to the US for 40k is a bit extravagant. I will some day though!

  4. Played the first mission today, it was fun and yet stressful trying to calculate bottom of 6 how the game would go if I did something. Ended up losing by 1 point by a 1/16" off of an objective. Read the first two missions, looks decent. Haven't read the other two fully yet.

    I noticed #4 is scouring, but there is no heavy is scoring. any thoughts to change that?

  5. I am glad you had fun. To be determined......

  6. Our group has played all of the missions several times. Great design!


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