Thursday, January 30, 2014

CAG Bash in Cincinatti March 21st thru 23rd

By Spaguatyrine

Do you want to play in a tournament with everything allowed?  Escalation, Stronghold Assault, Forgeworld?  Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming is  running a one day tournament at Cincycon2014.....

Here is the link to the CAG Bash .  

There are a few of us going from Indy.  We would love to see a crowd go with us.  

Here is a post from Makari, Tournament Organizer,

CAGBASH is $15 but when you buy the $35 option you are getting the convention whole weekend pass too!

The prize support is usually over $1000 worth of prizes.
The prize support is based on the prizes I get from the sponsors plus the number of people participating.

Generally Speaking from years past here is what we gave out:
1st place CAGBASH Trophy Weapon and between $250-$350 in store credit or product
2nd place $100-$200 in store credit or product
3rd place $50-$100 in store credit or product

Random draw from the Last half placements CAGBASH Foam Trophy weapon
Random Drawings $5-$50 Store credit or product
Best Painted/Armies on Parade: Ian Villimagna Award trophy and $50-$100 in store credit or product
Last year everyone walked out with prizes!!! we had a lot!

There will be Other activities that we will be giving away prizes. Kill team and Apoc likely. 1 day campaign, etc... more of that to come.

Until I get the prize support from the stores I won't know what the prize support will be.

1st Place is determined by W-L record first, Victory points second, Slay The Warlord Points third, Strength of schedule fourth....

Check it out and sign up today.  Join us on a small road trip to Cincinnati.   Sounds like fun.  I also hear they will have events on Friday and Sunday as well.  I am looking forward to playing in the tournament and taking on all comers for some adepticon practice.

Who is gonna go with us? 


  1. There will be plenty of open gaming on Fri and Sunday all day and after the Tournament on Saturday. We will be doing a Kill team tournament as well and some other quick events!!!
    Please keep in mind the Banners on parade and Armies on Parade!!!

    Thank you checking us out we look forward to returning the favor with groups of people at your events as well!!!

    1. Sean, I know of 2 of us coming now. I'm also throwing out a challenge to any of your players out there against little ole me for adepticon practice. :)

  2. That would be cool. I know there are a few that go to adepticon each year!!!

  3. There will probably be some guys from the Indy area headed down to play in the Flames of War tournament. I haven't gotten details on it yet. I believe Golf Companie was going to release the details sometime this week.

  4. This is going to be my first cincycon and first cagbash and an I really excited!


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