Thursday, March 5, 2015

Flames of War: Modern Combat?!

By CaulynDarr

Let's do this...
Battlefront just put out their state of the union update.  And it looks like they are finally doing a Cold War era NATO vs Warsaw Pact game.  In plastic!  It will be a full release with multiple books and is coming this October.

I can't count how many times I have heard someone say that if BF ever did anything modern they would be all over that.  I don't follow BF to closely, so maybe some of you saw this coming sooner, I'm certainly excited to see some A-10s, Abrams, Hinds, and T-84s on the table top.

And you know how we where speculating that BF was having cash flow issues?  Well, it looks like they where deep in producing several new product lines.  They are releasing Pacific theater for Flames(finally) and coming out with a new modular plastic city terrain line.  All in addition to this new Cold War Fulda Gap game.


  1. Ah! you beat me to it this morning!

    They've kept a lot under wraps. I feel it's a bit ambitious, but probably where they needed to go. I would have speculated a Korean War supplement before Fulda Gap. Good for them!
    I kind of think I might prefer playing Fulda Gap in 6mm (Micro Armor) scale, with FoW rules, kind of like I've seen some of the Arab-Israeli stuff done.

    They are also going to add French and Americans to the Great War, and apparently have been working to expand their own factory for production purposes. interesting.

    1. Depends on how their models look and cost at 15 mm. Zvezda does make 1/100 scale modern kits.

    2. Yeah a 6mm game would interest me quite a bit!

    3. Ambitious it may be, but that's a decent strategy for fighting off PSC-like competitors. Expand out in multiple distinct directions at once.

      Color me interested, but let's see how reasonably priced/sculpted the plastic kits are.

  2. Somehow or other, one can't help but feel that modern-era/cold war is where miniature wargaming companies go to die. It really didn't work out for Battlefield Evolution.

    1. One that was Mongoose Games. Two it was 28 mm. I think modern and historical gaming has less appeal at that scale. Three it was a Middle East conflict game released in the middle of an actual middle east conflict. Too soon for your typical wargamer crowd.


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