Friday, March 27, 2015

I drink the tears of Phantom players

By CaulynDarr

So this happened.  Phantoms now have to de-cloak at the start of the activation phase instead of when they reveal their maneuver dial.  This is just enough of a change to keep Phantoms from running the table against everything but PS 10 Han.

Something had to happen.  Phantoms where determining the entire meta of the game.  You had to bid pilot skill and take turrets if you wanted a chance to beat them in a tournament.  The phantom and the counter-Phantom builds where pushing too many other ships out of being viable options.  That should change now.

The other types of Phantoms may also see more play now that Whisper isn't such a obvious choice anymore.

Isn't it great when a game's designers see a problem and fix it.


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    1. okay wait. I'm not seeing that in the FAQ linked above, so where does it say that? I'd really like to know as phantoms are a dime a dozen around here (which is really getting old...).

  2. :-) Not in effect for a few weeks though... Have a local Store Championship Sunday...

    I have to admit as a Rebel/Scum player I am not at all unhappy to see this change. The cloakers are/were just a bit powerful keeping as you said all but the most powerful options off the table or going in knowing that you were pretty much SOL if you ran up against a well run build including these ships. Why I ran Dash in the YT-2400 for a long time... Forgiving ship and hard to dodge a 360 arc... Running a lot of different things now, and I think this will open up the game a LOT more...

    Locally one of the guys (Nick) was running 2 basic (Sigma) Phantoms with a Decimator... Intel Agents and a Rebel Captive I think. Nothing special individually, but he could block with amazing frequency and those ships all put out a bunch of Attack dice... Does take a bit more skill though :-) But looking forward to seeing more "other" Phantoms out there, or better yet, more "other" ships....

    1. One of the guys I play regularly is an Imperial player and he doesn't like the change. He thinks it's unfair that phantoms got nerfed and turrets where left alone. But Han's been around since wave 2 and was powerful, but not dominant until wave 4. Because there where BBBB and XXBB lists that could hand him his own butt. Phantom took those lists out of the meta.


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