Thursday, March 26, 2015

Book: Things We Think About Games

by SandWyrm

Some of the commenters in my last post were quite taken with the quote in the picture I chose, and wondered where it came from. Well, this is the book, written by a couple of well-known game design veterans (with a lot more contributing).

I've gone through it and lifted five more choice quotes, and if you find those interesting too, you should definitely buy the book, because there's loads more wisdom to be found inside. It can be had as a PDF for as little as $8.

Thought 1

Thought 11

Thought 67

Thought 117

Thought 124


  1. Some of the most enjoyable tournaments I've had weren't the ones I won. The most enjoyable ones were the ones I got Best Sportsman.
    Because I joked. I LOVE playing my little Frenchies in Flames of War. I love rambling on in an OUTRAGEOUS French accent while playing, and making up little stories about why a certain tank won't un-bail, "Because, zee Quiche and Croissants baking on zee engine are not done! This might be WAR, but we are not heathens, we are FRENCHMEN!"
    Even when you roll like crap, you can still have fun. Sometimes, you'll even win.

  2. I lose in 40k. A lot. I probably only win 1 in every 5 games, maybe less. But the only time I don't have fun is when things are so one-sided that I don't truly get to play. Same goes for MtG. It's one of the main reasons most people don't like playing against mono-blue control.

  3. @Nr.1
    I agree and see it like this:
    Winning is more fun than losing (at least for me), but that doesn't mean losing isn't any fun, as long as the game itself is enjoyable. Which I am going to assume is what he means. :P

    "Do not lie to your customers." Yeah, at lot of games got a worse reputation than they deserve. Something else was promised and expectations remained unfulfilled resulting in backlash.


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