Thursday, April 9, 2015

Plastic Wolf and Bear oh my!


Interesting leaks coming out about a new box of Germans and box of Soviets...

It's no secret I've gone over to playing Flames of War, and for the most part I play Allies (French Reconnaissance Company usually for Early War, and Americans for Mid War/Late War). I have been wanting to do some Germans lately, since I could then play either in tourneys, to balance out the rosters, and/or so I have something to play in Eastern Front themed tourneys.

I could do Soviets of course, for some East Front action, but I think Germans allow me to be able to do a lot more, and with little investment, be able to play both Axis and Allies in EW, MW, and LW. I'm gonna need some PzIII's and a good smattering of PzIV's, which are good for both MW/LW, and I could use them as stand ins for EW, until I got the EW versions of both tanks. Mix in some Gepertze Panzergrenadiers, a few 88's, some 8-rads, and some Nebelwerfers, and I've got a versatile force.

What has gotten me more seriously thinking about this are these two boxes Battlefront are supposed to be releasing later this year:

These images come via this thread on the WWPD Forums:
and the Miniatures page:

both boxes are supposed to be around $100. Which isn't bad for around 1000pts. A solid base for a German or a Soviet force. I might have to pick up the German one, and finish out with some Plastic Soldier PzIII, and PzIV's.


  1. I picked up a BF plastic grenadier box from Sinclair today. Should be able to run something with the pak40s and Stugs I still have. Just missing any mortars or artillery.

  2. Hopefully, these new plastic box sets are a good sign for Fulda Gap. If that game has $100 1000pt starters, I'll definitely be starting that up.

  3. I hope Battlefront does a $100 starter box for Fulda Gap. They had some good deals to do Great War. I wasn't interested that much, even though I find Great War very interesting, and tragic. I don't remember if there was a Vietnam starter set or not.
    I think plastic starters would do a lot to get the game out there. I know as being part of Battlefront Ranger events, a $100 1000pt kit sure would make it easier to get a force up for doing Demos.

    Keep me posted on if you want to do Fulda. I want to see the rules/models before I decide on 6mm or 15mm for it. I still think 6mm for Arab-Israeli is tempting.


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