Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sinclair Games in Carmel, IN

By CaulynDarr

Pay no attention to the man in the reflection, or the Arby's.
Just wanted to let all the Hamilton County gamers know we finally got a game store north of 465. They've got the best selection of GW and Warmachine in the area; plus they look to rival G2D4 in Flames of War stock.

The store has a wide selection. The owner said he relocated from farther up north, and brought his old store's inventory with him.

A good selection of GW stuff.

Flames and Bolt Action

There was also some Dust, FFG games, and other Board Games. 

They have an upstairs gaming area with plenty of space and terrain.  The owner said he's already got a good sized group of Warmachine players.

The store is off West Camel drive near Rangeline.   The entrance is on the side of the building, so you won't see it directly from the road.  The building is just west of Arby's, but if you cross the Monon trail, you've gone too far.  It's really convenient for me since my office is less than a mile down the trail.

They're open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday 10AM-5PM, and Thursday and Friday 10AM-11PM.  They have a face book page here.

Kind of feel like a jerk for not buying anything when I stopped by, but it's the wife's birthday this month, and my gaming budget if forfeit.  Next month I'll definitely go there to pick up the Star Wars Armada starter.


  1. I'm planning on meeting another local up there on Thursday night for some FoW. It's much closer for me than 2D4 or Greenwood Hobbytown.

    1. Maybe if there's a consistent group up here I'll start up Flames or War again. I sold of a good chunk of my grenadiers and only have a few Stugs and Pak 40s left.

      I really want to build a mid war 8th army list with Crusader tanks. It's so expensive though.

    2. I would meet you down there tomorrow (it's 5 minutes from my house), but I'm stuck with the kids this week.

      If we can get a decent FoW group together, I could probably be convinced to pick it back up. Though Armada will be very tempting...

      There is another games store in Carmel BTW, but nobody knows about it. It's across from the discount tire place just off of Rangeline. In the back of the big square strip mall.

    3. Fanboys? They where a comic store with a few board games. And they didn't last long. They're gone now.

      There's another new comic book store on Main. I only drove past it once, but it looks pretty small.

    4. Can't remember the name, but I didn't find out about them until a year after they opened when they finally had a sign put out on Rangeline 4-5 months back.

      They had tried wargames, including X-Wing, but hadn't been able to make them pay (because we didn't know about them). So they mostly did comics and MTG, with the odd X-Wing tourney where nobody bought anything from them.

    5. They were comic book guys. I don't think they really got how to sell games.

  2. Finally went by there today. This is the same guy who ran the shop north of Fort Wayne that we all played the 'Ard Boyz Semi-Finals at in 2011.

    It's worth noting that he's selling everything at 20% off MSRP across the board. So there's no reason not to buy our soldiers from him really. :)


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