Friday, February 27, 2009

Calling out the Gopher

I am headed up to CU for the weekend so I would like to make a public challenge to JibJeb and Iron, bring out your little toy men and get ready to throw down some dice. Seeing as Valentines day isn't too far gone I thought that I would show Mr. JibJeb some love. To this end I am bringing 2200 points of slow-ass-no-movement-having troops. Nothing in my army will be able to move more than 6” in a turn with out running. In the same spirit of love, I will even leave my sweet sweet forces of Chaos at home and bring only some of the Emperor's lapdogs. This game could be painful.

To all (three) of you who are shocked that I am fielding, let alone own, an imperial army, one of the guys at my FLGS was selling off a massive amount of Black reach models. In all I picked up 10 dreadnoughts, 68 terminators, and 81 tac marines. The guy was also gracious enough to toss in a bunch of bits that included various weapon options for terminators and dreadnoughts after the army was already sold.

The army is also even only a few skull shoulder icon away from being a complet Relictors army, (assemble and painted GW Plastic grey). It was a great deal from a super nice guy who's plan is to field 11 Valkyries in the new IG codex. He is even going to add the WW2 nose art to them, and how cool will that look, I am just happy that I was able to help with this in some small way. So my sixth army is an imp force, now I just need to find some old Alpha Legion paint schemes...


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  1. ah. so you gave in and went to the dark side.

    I figured You'd end up with a Marine Force eventually, Even though you speak foul of them.

    I still resist their shiny shoulderpads and new, uberdex. I myself will have a newer, uber-ier dex soon enough, and have people crying CHEESE! even more than they do now with my old 3rd ed codexes.

    on an interesting note, DemonHunters won the 1st Fireteam Nova (Indianapolis gaming club) Tournament of the season. AND I MISSED IT!!!
    It was supposed to be a tourney more heavily weighted towards KP's.

    I don't know what list the guy was running. I'm going to get on their forums and find out though.


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