Monday, September 13, 2010

Cometh the Dark Eldar

By TheGraveMind
So yes I've posted three posts in a row now. I've been very 40k active this week. In all of my activity I came across some interesting information. The Dark Eldar are coming! The upcoming White Dwarf mag has the above picture in its back page. Gamesday UK is supposed to show off the new miniatures and other fun stuff. This is GW pretty much telling us DE are the next codex. I'm not one for rumor gathering, but this is from their website. This really doesn't mean much to me except I might finally play against these elusive creatures.

Two of my favorite quotes I found while trying to find anything else out.
"Fear not the darkness. Fear what the darkness hides"
"Play Dark eldar! They are safe from updates!"


  1. if you listen closely, you can hear Anonymous Foodie (and Chambers) squealing with glee, and a twinge of fear.

    While it's cool DE will finally get their update, I'm wondering what's going to come out of it pretty different than it is currently.

  2. Congrats GraveMind, you got this story posted before Bell of Lost Souls. I don't know if that means much to you, but good snooping!

  3. I know right. I saw that was little mention of this, so I figured I should share the knowledge.

    @farmpunk, oh, that is what that sound is?

    To be perfectly honest, I just want them to be release already, so everyone can move on and get something else out. haha.

  4. I can't wait, i'd dance right now, but then i'm on a 4-hour bus journey, so I better not...

  5. I'm just happy I won't have to play against badly printed and dog-eared PDFs and the ever popular, "No really. That's how it works..." anymore :-)

  6. I'd be more excited, but GW killed that emotion about 5 years ago when the rumors first started.

    All I can say, really, is... we'll see. I've heard some good rumors, I've heard some bad rumors... but nothing's said and done until the book comes out.

    The new models will no doubt be spectacular, but I don't much care as I have a full 2k+ army already assembled and painted.

    New rules... well, change is... you know... change. For better or worse, it's coming. I just hope there's more better than not.

  7. I also have given up all hope of ever seeing the true kin getting an update. I really want this to happen, I have even squirreled away some trade credit if this does come to pass. While I have amassed around 2K of DE none of mine is painted worth spit therefore I have no problems with re-doing the whole army.

    But as they say fool me once shame on you, fool me twelve times...

  8. I'm soooooo tempted to do a "Dark Furry" conversion when these come out.


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