Saturday, September 4, 2010

Color Question: Marines This TIme

by SandWyrm

Hello Mr. Wrym and Company!,

I recently found myself reading your informative articles on color theory, manipulation, and psychology (that last part really intrigued me, and wished you had done a follow up...;)) by way of the House of Pain(cakes), and I also saw your recent post on your Sanguinary Guard's color scheme (which I like quite a bit) and I wanted to know:

If I was going to do the helmets Blood Red, what would be a good color for the Power Weapon (and other adornments)? Lightning/Ice Blue? Or more of a Scorpion/Bilious Green? Yellow? Purple? Ack so many choices, I know that it comes down to my choice really, but I need a bit of direction please.

Bonus question: With my Sanguinary Guard being led by Dante, I want him to be the Army's numero uno focus, so he's not going to be "black" like everybody else. What would be a good color to make him predominantly? Blood Red (to tie into the helmets), or another Analogous Harmony like a Warlock Purple, or a Golden Yellow?

Sorry if this was a bit wordy, but I'm been reading for weeks now, and I'm ready to move past the primer stage, and I need to get over this final "hump".

Thank you, and you're more than welcome to post this to your site if you'd like.


SandWyrm's Reply:

Red and Cyan are complementary colors. So I did my armor in a dark cyan, Wings in a light cyan (washed with red and black), bloody bits in red, and the rest in Silver since it would be color-neutral. 

My power weapons are black with a bit of cyan wash applied on in drops.

If you want to make Dante stand out in a similar scheme, paint him white, silver, red, or gold.  I'm planning on Gold with the Sanguinary Priests in a traditional red scheme.

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