Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mud and Blood II

by: farmpunk

I must admit, I have an addiction. It started as something to pass the time.

Some of you know I play Flash games while I work.
I do Flow Cytometry, so I set up the run, and typically wait during the hour or two it might take to run the sample. During that time, I find games like crack.

Mud and Blood 2 is crack. A game that starts simple, but has a lot of complexity. It hits that strategic sweet spot, and the WW2 buff sweet spot as well.

Plus, there's nothing as satisfying as setting up 4-5 mortars out of Line of sight with a spotter, and watching the exploding bodies fly. Then the Germans send in 3-5 Panzers with a wave of Panzergranadiers to ruin your day.
I play this a lot. It's worth skimming the Wiki I linked to, and from there trying the game. You can also find the game on Kongregate (which is where I found it)

My preferred strategy currently is to get an engineer, build a bunker about 1/3 up from the bottom of the field (your side) and put a Machinegunner and bazooka inside (the bazooka has to get out to shoot though). Then build two Mortar pits on your edge. Get a sniper in one Pit, and a regular GI with an M1(upgrade) in the other. Eventually, I get a scout for spotting, and a few mortars. I build a palisade to block LoS in front of one mortar pit, a trench in front of the palisade to put a GI in, and start buying mortars to put in the morar pit with pallisade. (don't put Cammo nets over the Pit with the mortars in it, and keep your scout alive, or your mortars stop firing.)

I've made it to wave 145 with a setup like that. I think I also got an Anti-Aircraft battery, it was pretty cool too.

The game gets much easier when you start accumulating ribbons, which give you bonuses in the game. My personal favorites are:
Westpoint Commendation
Meritorious Unit Commendation

Westpoint give you a Free officer at the start of your game, which is nice. I got it by recruiting regular GI's, giving them M1's, and letting them wail away in trenches. I built a front trench I kept sticking Free French troops in, to act as meatshields. Eventually, I racked up enough NCO's to get the award.

Meritorious Unit is harder to get, but definately worth it. You've just got to stick with it to get that one. Having all of your troops start with M1's is nice.

give it a try if you've got time. enjoy!


  1. Completely off topic, but is the sample destroyed after a pass through the Cytometry instrument?

  2. actually, it's not really off topic.

    It really depends on If you're using an analyzer (which destroys the sample) or a Cell Sorter (which sorts the cells into tubes)

    I run Cell Sorters as a service to researchers here at the Indiana Cancer Center. They are typically looking for Adult Stem cells, and we sort them out for them to perform experiments on.

  3. Just what I needed; digital crack!

    This game seems right up my alley - I'm going to give it a try.


  4. trying it right now. not bad, takes some getting used to. Kind of reminds me of Pandemic 2. a bit of waiting for points to count up before you get your next thing.


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