Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The wave of men

Time and Again, 40K players like to try something 'new'. I've been toying with new ideas for WH with inducted IG...

I looked through my boxes of 40K stuff, and came up with an inventory of IG Heavy Weapons:
9 Lascannons (with 2-3 more I can assemble)
10 Missile Launchers (with 2 more I can assemble)
6 Autocannons
5 Heavy Bolters
2 mortars (with I think 7 more I can assemble)

so.. that's a lotta oomph! I've got sitting in the bin not really getting used.

Then I get that old itch to try 5th ed Gunline Guard again. I'm toying with platoons with 3 Squads, each with Missile Launcher / Grenade Launcher. Sure, I know it was a better combo before the new 'dex was released, but I want to try the dual threat weapons in my line squads. Then I'm going to put a powerfist Comissar in there, to make 'em stay put, and give the unit CC threat.

The Platoon Command squads will probably get 3-4 flamers, and wait to counter-charge. I have a lot of Praetorian flamers I'm not sure what to do with.

so those 2 platoons come out moderately priced, and still leave a lot of room... FOR HEAVY WEAPON TEAMS...

and 2 Co Com's to give orders.

I'm going to hash out my ideas today.

I still really WANT to use Al 'Raheem. fire Hweapons and then run? doesn't sound too bad to me.

I'd like to use Harker too. I like the idea of a man in the backfield, with a team of meanies.

I'll prob. use Marbo. for a nice Demo charge suprise.

I might even try Kell. to help with giving orders, but I think I can do better with perhaps a WH Celestian Squad with a Book of St. Lucius and a Hbolter in the backfield to boost my Heavy Weapons teams morale.

I'd like for this to be a NO TANKS army. Maybe a couple of colossus mortars. maybe Sentinels.


  1. Unfortunately you can't have a pfist commissar as part of an infantry squad. Those can only be found in platoon command squads where they are mercifully much easier to get at.

    Armored sentinels, I believe, are essential to a gunline army as they bring a very solid counter-charge element to your army. And if the enemy doesn't have pfists/strength 6? Good luck taking him down.

  2. I stand corrected. I got that idea in my head because Pfist Commissar's are the models I've got.
    That's too bad. They don't belong in command squads.
    I guess I need to find a Power Weapon Commissar.

    I like Armored Sentinels. I had also toyed with having an elite GK Bro-cap and termie retinue with 2 Psycannons and Psychic hood.
    or maybe a GK squad with dual Psycannons for counter-charge.

  3. I am building a GK + IG army at the moment. It might not play well, but I got that same itch to try out a gun line with grey knights as my elite units. The army at least looks really cool with dirty exhausted guard standing next to hard core shiny GKS. You don't really need to worry about counter charge with a squad of grey knights in powered army guarding your front lines, and it give loads of time to your heavy weapon squads to do their work.


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