Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Going back to the front

By farmpunk

WOO! Flame tanks! It's Tourney Time again!

It's time for the FireTeam Nova tourney, part3. Sandwyrm and I went WAY back in June to the part2 of the 4 tourneys. (Part4 is supposed to be invite to the top placers and point accumulators in the first 3 tournaments).

This time we've learned a little about what gets scored positively, and what's frowned upon. (like filling a Force Org slot disallows some points) Which means my WH list with cannoness and DH Inq. Lord are out, which is too bad. I like him for psychic hood and anti-Deepstrike (not that I really faced either last time)

Sandwyrm's trying to come up with a beautiful fully painted and flocked force to bring to the table (being a professional artist and all...) I'm trying to gather something I think will be effective and novel that I have all the models for. (which I still need a few SoB's with Meltas. I have 4, but need 1-2 more... what SoB player doesn't?) Then I want to get everything to 3 color table standard.

I've toyed with triple raider DH lists of fun, KP denial, and AV14 troop carriers parked on objectives, but I don't think that's gonna be a lotta fun.
I toyed with going all-out gunline IG, and a few elements with assault weapons to make mad dashes for objectives, or Double Russ and Chimelta vet with allied GK's and SoB's fun.
I always come back to my first love...

Sisters, and the pretty cool exorcist tank. It looks impressive, but I also kind of like the random pelting of high Str, low AP rockets at things. Monst. Creatures? YUM! Transports? YUM! Termies? Independant Character Supermen? YUM YUM!

I also like Sisters of Battle, and am used to playing them with my reactive playstyle. Enough mobility, and enough punch when they really need it. Add in some new IG elements, and I think I've got a flexible and fun force to play with.

I'm sure SandWyrm and I will both have upcoming tourney reports, and battle reports. I know it's been kinda thin lately on Battle reports. Not a lot of new people at the FLGS, with all the kids going back to college, and school. Sandwyrm and I have bloodied each other's noses a few times, but our last few games have been fairly similar, with the exception of each of us trying out a new idea each time. (like infantry platoons w/comissar)

so stay tuned! between the Hflamers on Chimeras, and TL Hflamer Immos, there's bound to be some burnination incoming!


  1. "Do, or do not. There is no try."

    My army is just about done. I'm painting promethium splash-back burns on my Hellhound right now. That gives me 3 days to paint my last mini. The Fleet Officer. I'm thinking he needs sunburns. :)

  2. I did an inventory last night, and I need to paint 1 tank, an HQ, and a few special weapons (including one converted from flamer to Melta SoB)

    I should call the local stores and see if any of them have 1 more Melta SoB. I never have enough of those.... or Hflamers.

    ooh. an Ambrose Burnsides Fleet officer? sweet!

  3. Calm down spanky! SUNburns != SIDEburns.


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