Friday, March 5, 2010

Please Excuse The Mess...

by SandWyrm

We're experimenting (accidentally) with other layouts. Things may be wacky for a while.

Edit: Ok, order (mostly) restored. :)


  1. Woah! What's happened here!? lol.

    have you tried that's if you're looking for a new template that is.

  2. Yeah, my fault.

    We've had some people complain that we're hard to read, so I was trying to preview some different options. Unfortunately I committed the change instead. Yay for ambiguous button labels.

    Farmpunk's going to put things back the way they were later today.

  3. Nothing to see here. please move along.

    I think the colors are CLOSE to what they used to be.

    The burnt orange of the background seems a little more intense to me, but it could be these LCD screens at work.

    luckily, last time I accidentally saved over the colors, I decided to go with more 'standard' colors that blogger already had.

  4. Yeah, the background was off from what it used to be. I just fixed it.

  5. I've always found the blog to be fine to read tbh fellas.

  6. It can be hard to read on Windows if you don't have cleartype turned on or you're still using an old CRT.


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