Saturday, May 26, 2012

Going to 1850 tournament later today with my grey knights...nah!!!! Taking the wolves!!

By Spaguatyrine

That's right I am throwing down the gauntlet and taking the space wolves for this 1850 tournament. I am going to run without Thunderwolves....

With all the whining and complaining about Grey Knights, I am going to try a different version of space wolves.  Not depending on the big scary guys. Maybe I will lull my opponents to sleep compared to what I normally play. 

So what will the list be?

Something like this:

2 Rune Priests
1 Battle Leader
3 x longfangs
6 x grey hunter packs
1 pack of scouts
1 big pack of wolfguard

So a lot of flexibility, good psychic defense and powers for those pesky grey knights, and lots of scoring options. 

We will see how it goes.  


  1. II'm right there with you Spag; however, I'm going heavy Thunderwolf myself and forgoing missile Launchers entirely at 1750. Promises to be a good day for the Wolves!

  2. lol, taking Space Wolf missile spam is throwing down the gauntlet? I think throwing down the gauntlet is taking Footdar or something else that's supposed to suck, and winning anyways.

  3. @Da Master Cheef,

    I hear you, but I have played a mixture of thunderwolf cavalry for 1.5 years. As I want to depend on my ability instead of the awesome sauce that is TWC. It is different for me. I will probably take my grey knights to Nova and play them when I want to win tournaments, but I still love my space wolves and don't want to give up on them. I know I will be facing grey knights and I need to beat them with my wolves to feel right. At major tournaments I have only lost to grey knights with my space wolves. And 1 dark eldar player who was awesome, and I didn't know hellions.....

    @unholy Martyr,

    How do you run yours?

    1. Ran the following:

      Bear Lord with Hammer and all the fixings
      Majesty Lord with Claw and all the fixings
      Lord with Frostblade, Runic Armor and Storm Shield (barely ever pulled his weight)
      2 Las Plas squads with Melta
      2 Las Plas squads with Flamers
      2 Scout Squads with Melta
      3 Thunderwolves: Power Fist/Storm Shield, Storm Shield, Naked

      Went 1-0-2. Based on Victory Points I took 3rd.

  4. I gotta say I agree with Da Master Cheef.

    if you really want a challenge, and test your skills. I have a Sisters of Battle force you can use.

    SW's are still the most flexible and adaptable codex out there. By taking Priests, Long Fangs, and Grey Hunters, you're only taking 3 of the 4 Awesomesauce units. I'm not so sure that's a handicap, just a slightly different emphasis for your list.

  5. Ok, let me use your sisters then. I have an idea about a list I would like to try.

    Yes you heard it here. Or I can use counts as. I need the rules tho'.

  6. Go Templar! Help me show the world the codex isn't utter fail! :D

  7. Real men win with Tyranids. :P

  8. Hey! What about those Dark Eldar you already have?

  9. There is no need to drag me into this Sandywyrm, just cause my Tyranids are amazing. haha.
    I'll take on spag playing sisters with my Nids any day.

  10. I just got the pdf codex and will play a 2000 point game with whoever wants one. I will have to counts as my space wolves as sisters, but I believe I have a list that I think would be competitive.

    Open challenge is out! The gauntlet is laid.

  11. Well it isn't the game I've been wanting with you, but I will accept the challenge. Besides, my Tyranids are getting hungry.

  12. I play against Sisters of Battle all the time, as well as Templars. The sisters can kick serious ass. Despite what the 'internets' say, sister repentia with a priest kept in reserves are awesome counter-assaulters, especially with their 'parting gift' type of attacks.

    As for Templar, take a shotty termi force, with x2 reclusiarchs both with terminator command squads, you're looking at 16 Missiles every turn....

  13. Well spag I want to test my jumpers against either your gk or wolves at some point. :D
    But I'll play what ever, when ever you're free. Sent ya an email.


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