Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thank You Papa Nurgle! Thank You. . . More Vomiting Please!

By Outremer

I've been under the weather the last few days. . . apparently Papa Nurgle is taking his due for helping me win best appearance at the tournament I played in this past weekend!  

A few pics of the slapdash paint job I threw on my Obliterators the night before the tournament so they would match the rest of the army. . .

Built the darn things last summer and just now getting around to painting them?!  I really need to stay more focused. . . or, at least focused on painting my own stuff anyway.

Still working on the Grey knights commision.  Looking to have 1500 points done for a tournament next weekend and 1850 finished when all is said and done.  Thankfully, after hammering at it for the last two days, most of the assembly work is done for the whole project.  I need to build another pair of AC Dreadnought arms, a Razorback, and a few more Crusaders and Warrior Acolytes. . . but by god, they can wait a week or two!  I don't mind the assembly in and of itself. . . it just gets old when that's all you do for several days.

Keep in mind, all WIP. . .

It's my intention to do a boatload of freehand painting on this army.  This is my first attempt at it.  Needs some work, but you get the gist. . . going with lilies and keys as the heraldry for the army. 

Working to finish the basic paint job on everything and then add the freehand once I can see everything together.  Always a good idea to step back and see things as a whole and not get completely focused on details! 


  1. The flower on that rhino looks fantastic!

  2. Yeah, that flower looks great. I also like how the purple looks on the Rhino. Very nice!

    Krisken of Scratchbuilt 40k

  3. Great stuff - the purple on the Rhino looks ace!


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