Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Indy Open 2013 Planning

By Spaguatyrine

The planning team is going to be getting together soon to strategize on making the 2013 Indy Open even better and we want your feedback. We are looking to improve on the first 40k GT in Indiana...

These are some initial ideas we are throwing around. Tell us what you think and what you would like to see.

*64 man GT (3 rounds for all, 4th round for top 8 Saturday), 5th and 6th round final 4 only.
*Simultanious 4 round Combat Patrol tournment starting rounds 4 Saturday PM/ And Round 5 Sunday AM.
*2 people per team-3 round team tournament on second day starting after round 5 that all but the final four could play in, plus any other participant. 
*Open gaming tables thru a majority of the event.
*New improved location.
*Flames of War tournament

We want to grow the Indy Open and also expand other opportunities in have a variety of gaming for all.  Again your suggestions are welcomed.


  1. Some sort of Forge World friendly event (i.e. Gladiator) would be nice.

  2. "*64 man GT (3 rounds for all, 4th round for top 8 Saturday), 5th and 6th round final 4 only."

    ^^Not this^^ I have wanted to go to a tournament that breaks down into win/loss brackets for day two since the NOVA started doing it. I wasn't able to go to the Indy open this year but was hoping to next year. Should that format go away I would probably lose my interest in attending. In fact the lack of a bracketed day two is probably going to keep me from attending Adepticon next year also.

    1. So long as there are other fun events for those of us who didn't do well the first day, I don't mind being eliminated from the earlier rounds. I'd also, of course, prefer that it be an "all you can eat" game affair, where the badge buys entry to any tourney.

    2. Your feedback is the stuff I like to hear Eric. One of the things I talked to Mike about, and love is that on the second day, you are in a mini-tournament with people from your same score bracket. It's not exacly what we ended up doing last year for the Indy Open, but a second day bracket tourney is not too tough to do.

      I had a lot of fun in my second day bracket tourney at NOVA (the 3-1 bracket). The top people from each day 1 bracket tourney got prizes, which I thought was great. Having a bracket tourney for day two keeps a lot more people in for winning their bracket, and getting prizes.

      having it break down as 3 rounds for everybody, then only for the elite8, then only for final4, then championships, wouldn't encourage me to even buy a ticket. Getting a bad pairing in the first 3 rounds can happen, and there's no incentive to stick around if the last 3 rounds are for the undefeated only.

  3. We want to hear your suggestions. Thanks A and Eric.

    We did have this last year. Some believe this format might be better for players who don't want to stick it out for a day 2 of an event that doesn't mean anything. The day 2 in this format could mean that a person could play in 2 other tournaments if they wanted to. This also isn't written in stone so keep plugging away.

  4. Hopefully 6th edition cooperates with our plans.

    1. We'll see what fun flyers brings next month. Flyers are already on the June release schedule from GW.

      I've been very reserved about 6th, based on GW's codex track record over the last couple of years. Who knows, maybe they're letting Matt Ward write all the fluff for 6th?

      I'm expecting a huge FAQ for 6th this fall/winter, which will probably conflict with the INAT40K rules, which will come about a month after 6th ed is released.

    2. Yes, but no flyers for Eldar or Tau. grumble-grumble

      I'd prefer for 6th edition to defy all expectations and be a decent game.

      Though I'd also be perfectly fine if 6th ed flops and we all decided to pick up Dust Warfare :)

    3. wait. people play armies OTHER than Space Marines, Orks, and Necrons?!?! (yeah, I still have my Sisters. I doubt they see flyer attention, or just get given the Space Marine one.)

      While I would LIKE 6th ed to be good, and defy all expectations. I don't think it will. It will be a playable game. Perhaps not a game that tolerates 'competitive gaming' really well.

      I find Weird War 2 games a tough genre(Aetherpunk) for me to swallow. I know too much real history.
      now Flames of War, I'm liking a lot.

    4. I'm not so much a fan of the fluff either. I read things like: "And then the Russians invade Florida," and just cringe.

      Game mechanics are pretty solid though, and I'm getting to draw girly pin-ups on all of my Allied walkers.

  5. I think you should also throw in a PP tournament, there is beginning to be a huge following not just in the midwest.

    1. I don't play WM, but that would make a lot of sense. You would need to connect to the WM groups at the various stores tho and find someone who's interested in running it.

  6. I really like the idea of having other, smaller events on day 2 that the non-finalists can play in. It gives them a reason to stick around. :)

    You can always pull an Adepticon and refund fees for those events if someone makes it to the main 40K event final.

  7. Now I feel that the second day additional events should probably be limited in size unless you have a section of tables set up specifically for those events.

    I think the bracketed day two should stay, gives more incentive to stay through the main tournament, though I understand if you don't stick with it. It seemed to be something everyone who stayed through it all enjoyed. I know I did.

    Now as for additional events, you can run a smaller combat patrol tournament, a small team tournamnet, a BFG tourney or Epic: Armageddon tournament, Warma/Hordes tournament(I know some people who may be interested in running that.), Hell even a small Fantasy or Kings of war tournament, Malifaux(lovely miniatures and game play system), or any of an endless selection of other games to run. Plus you could even run some just plain fun events like Chad's Ork Madness Demolition Derby, the Supa Grippa 5000, Squig races or a few other quirky and fun events I have rules and miniatures for as do some other people I know. Bloodbowl is also another game that would draw quite a bit of interest.

    Now I think one thing that would help this year over last is at least one or two more judges for rules questions/disputes and a general overview of terrain guidelines on all tables before the start of game one. I know several of the games around me during day 1 as well as my first game where it mattered(my game 3), Alot of folks didn't know that what was clearly impassable terrain was only difficult terrain.(And it was usually the deciding factor in a few games I saw.)


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