Saturday, May 5, 2012

The 6th Ed Rumors You Didn't Want To Hear

by SandWyrm

Tasty-Taste had another 6th Edition rumor release late last night. I haven't seen anyone else put these up yet, so I thought I'd beat BoLS to the punch this time. :)

(begin dump)
Ok, let us get ready for some fun guys 6th is about two months away so let us set up some ground rules first off.
That leaked 6th edition pdf was and is still a complete fabrication.
40k 6th edition is going to be much closer to Fantasy 8th and 40k 2nd edition than anything else.
GW still has rumor lock down in place, so these leaks are for the most part things that have been seen before from previous editions of Games Workshop games. This is to protect sources from the long arm of GW.
Ok, with that said lets get to it.
Let us start with 6th edition fluff progression.
The Imperium is fracturing and the Space Marines are starting to separate themselves from the Lords of Terra. The heretical and xenophobia has gotten to a tipping point causing many chapters to take actions against the “best wishes” of many in the Imperium.
A discovery of galactic importance has happened.
At a time before right before the Horus Heresy the Emperor had intrusted Roboute Guilliman in the protection of one Xenos race that was completely immune the temptations of Chaos and would prove the ultimate key to the destruction of Chaos. The Horus Heresy ended such plans. Fast forward today with discovery of these lost correspondences, it is believed by the Ultramarines and others that the Tau are that lost race. So now instead of being charge with their destruction the Astartes are the Tau protectors.
Rules changes
  • Every unit gets a 6+ save vs. all Psychic Powers.
  • Random Charge Lengths are in
  • Pre-measuring is in.
  • Random Battle field effects are in.
  • All armies can purchase buildings for placement on the battlefield.
  • Psychic powers are selected during deployment. (except Grey Knights)
  • Deployment and Missions types have doubled.

Get ready for the Big one..


That is right allies are back in and this will be according to fluff and will have certain restrictions. So for instance Tyranids will not have any allies. Tau with all Space Marine Chapters. Necrons with Blood Angels. Imperial Guard with Space Marines. Chaos Space Marines with Demons. If it fits the fluff it will be done.
(end dump)

I find these rumors harder to believe than the 6th Ed 'Leak'. But they do fit in with GW's self-destruction of Fantasy and they way they always advance the fluff without really advancing it.

Frankly, I'm rooting for the 'Leak', as that game could at least be modified with some work to function as tourney rules. This? This would kill the hobby and return everyone to the basement.

I have seen a pretty good drawing of a Tau Stealh Suit crossed with Marine Terminator Armor though. So who knows?


  1. The way i see it, 6+ save against psy powers, not a big deal, 6+ is very hard to get, just ask any ork player, its a save you rarely make.

    Random charge, meh, I imagine if they add random charge then the actual charge length will be more than 6" either way it didnt hurt fantasy, it wont hurt 40k.

    Pre measuring, good im glad this is here, have no problem with this, hell after playing 40k a few times you can generally tell distances anyway.

    Random battlefield should make things interesting. As will purchasing buildings, boards need to be made more fun.

    psy powers at deployement, I dont really have an issue with, seems fair enough to me.

    more deployment and missions can only be a good thing.

    As for the biggy, if the game allows allies I think that will unbalance things, lets make powerful races even more powerful and poor nids even weaker, not good at all if that happens. What is more likely is its just like fantasy, where you cant take their units its more fluff related, it just advises you who you would partner with.

  2. People shouldn't get bent out of shape. It's just rumors and the accuracy of rumors of late has been lacking. Come on? Tau with SM allies? That's somebody's wish list. Jerry was talking today at G2D4 about a lot of deliberate misinformation floating around by GW. Stuff he's hearing from distributors and from other sources isn't matching up. Too many people are saying different things. I don't think a clear picture can be formed.

    Even if the rules get the 8th edition Fantasy treatment I don't see the game dying out. 40K has survived because it's the only game that has an open setting that allows people to make bubblegum pink necrons, Joker themed dark elder, and all the other really cool armies you've seen or heard about. You don't see that personalization with many other games.

    Cool models and the hobby will keep the game going as long as the rules are at least serviceable.

  3. Personally I don't think we'll see rage-quits on rules changes alone. You have to consider new rules releases accompany new models and GW is definitely not horrible at making cool models.

    But these rumors are probably all wrong anyway.

  4. I don't get Necrons and Blood Angels...

    I'm sure we'll see tons of rage quits. But they'll be back!

  5. I think there's a reason BoLS hasn't posted anything yet. These "rumors" seem like nothing more than crazy talk than anything else. Hell, wishlisting seems to be a much more solid rumor base than what is being described there.

    Now if the new rules turn out to be as is suggested here, I'll be shipping out printed copies of the "pancake" rules to cater to the mass exodus that will ensue.

  6. I don't really buy the allie bit its been said before by jervis and other PPL @ at GW that allies were a mistake. Not sayimg I don't like it just made the game too unbalanced.

    Fluff I'm kinda speechless we all knew the imperium was gunna get hit hard eventually, tau part is hard to swallow maybe just Ultra marines and succussor chapters might but not all chapters.

    Not sure how I feel bout random effects/charge ranges have to try it. I can see the buildings happening cause we all know how much GW loves pushing new products on us. Pre measuring and random charge ranges will give shooty armies more of a edge.

  7. Yeah, I'm against pre-measuring. Half the fun of this game is maki ng a judgment call if you think that guy is within assault range or in 24"...While I'm against random table effects crap (possessed, etc) some uncertainty makes the game funner...I also think tasy is full of crap a lot. He was saying chaos dreads are not gonna be in 6th...

  8. This is all just my opinion:

    Personally, I think much of the allies rumor is BS. I'd love for my Daemons to ally with CSM, but seeing BA with Necrons is just plain silly. Honestly, the only time I've seen the allies rules from WHFB used was in a team tournament.

    In WHFB, charges are done based on Move speed plus the highest die of a roll on 2D6. 40K doesn't have a Move value, but I'm sure it will be a base value plus a randomization. There are going to be ways to ensure you will be in range for the charges you need to make. Just like WHFB, if you are hoping to get a really long charge, the dice just might screw you. If you are allowing pre-measuring, you need to randomize some movement and if you're not allowing it, you need a standard value.

    I also don't believe distributors know any more than we do. It wouldn't make sense for GW to pass out rumors to ACD and then expect those rumors not to be immediately posted to the web. I think a lot of people just want to feel like big shots by posting things they made up or honestly believe will change in the game.

    I really do hope some of this batch of rumors is true: random charges, pre-measuring, more missions, etc., but then any of us could have guessed a lot of that because of the changes in WHFB.

  9. That fluff..! 40k has the whole theme of the warp being a reflection of humanity's soul. The ultimate fight with Chaos is really a fight to overcome human weakness. Gaining mastery over the forces of the warp is really gaining mastery over themselves.

    If you have an "ultimate" fight with Chaos that denies the whole psychic aspect of the warp then you relegate Chaos into being "just another Xenos race". Which robs it of everything that makes it cool.
    Did Mat Ward write this? I would say it's BS because of what it does to the existing canon but that's the other, tragic, possibility.

  10. Apparently no one else has heard that this edition will find the emperor dying even more and the space marines scrambling to find out a way to keep using the warp. So this COULD mean that they are working with the Tau.

  11. Random charge lengths...


  12. This seems so over-the-top goofy that it has to be on purpose. Either to drum up "controversial" hits to his site, or that he's lacing unreliable rumors with complete nonsense so that he can claim it was a joke if the rumors turn out to be untrue.


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